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  1. I am looking to get a new muffler, i dont want to add all new pipes because they are in good condition and i dont want to spend the money on a whole system, i would prefer just to clamp the new muffler in, i was looking at a flowmaster super 10 but i have been told they are very loud, i want a good deep loud aggressive sound but not too loud that i will wake my neighbors when i start my truck in the morning i was also looking at a cheaper borla... any suggestions price range is up to around 115$
  2. Correct size tires

    Rough country says 32" is the max but i have also talked to people and had all sorts of different opinions, rough country says 32 is max without cutting so im thinking i could fit 33s with a little trimmig
  3. Superchips tuning

    I have a 200 silverado 1500, has its share of miles on it, wondering if anyone has used a superchips on a similar truck or any truck and if it is worth the time/ mo ey
  4. Correct size tires

    I am trying to figure out what is the largest tire i can put on my truck is, its a 2000 silverado 1500 , the truck will have. A rough country leveling kit with new keys and shocks as well as blocks. Currently i am running 2015 silverado wheels on it (18s) i am looking to get new tires in the future after the leveling kit along with 2" hub centric wheel spacers. I would love to run 33x18x12.5 but i am concerned about rubbing. I am not affraid to get in there and do some trimming as long as it is not a ton. The tires i will be getting are atturo trail blade mts, has anyone had any experiance with this or issues or reccomendations, thanks

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