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  1. Can anyone advise what Sierra (or other model) that has aftermarket fender flare availability would be closest to a 2015 Yukon XL? I don't mind modifying them myself but I just don't know what would be the closest fit for my Yuk.
  2. Its in the ad but $1400. Located in Charlotte NC
  3. 4 2015 Yukon Denali 22"wheels and tires. 3 tires are brand new, one is in good shape. $1400. Located in Charlotte NC
  4. So I am swapping from my 2002 lifted burb to a 2015 Yukon XL Denali. I plan on lifting it 4 or 6 inches. Most of the time I have my German Shepherd with me (120 lbs or so) and it works out perfectly in my 2002. He jumps into the floor, then up on the bench seat with a cover on it. It is the perfect height for him to hang his head out the window and he can stretch and lay down on the seat. It is easy enough to remove the cover and have passengers. With my XL, it has bucket 2nd row seats and he doesn't have a good position to do either of the previously mentioned. His first time in, he went right to the 3rd row. I plan on leaving those down for equipment etc (I removed the 3rd row in my 02). So I am contemplating making a platform across the buckets or leaving them completely folded forward or removing them. Any of you with large dogs have any custom setups?
  5. So I just picked up a 2015 Yukon XL Denali Magnaride and and trying to figure out which lift kit to get. I will be happy with a 4" or 6" lift but would prefer one with the least mods needed (cutting/welding etc). I plan on keeping the stock 22" wheels and going with 33s or 35s. I see a few different options (rough country, fabtech etc) but would like some feedback on what you guys have used and the pros/cons. Any info on what issues you ran into and what mods you had to do would be appreciated. Oh and picts! Thanks PS my 2002 Burb that will soon be for sale
  6. I need to replace my torque converter in my 2002 4wd LT Suburban (5.3) and want to know if I can do it without removing the trans. I recently took it to a trans shop to replace the rear main seal and they did that without removing the trans. They said they just slid it back far enough. This saved time with the exhaust and the removal of a crossbrace (it has a 6" lift). So what do you guys think? Is it possible to replace the converter by just sliding the trans back? Thanks
  7. Any update on this? Did you get it fixed? I am having a similar issue. (2002 4WD Suburban, 200k miles). I have spent hours reading and researching and think I have a good grasp on what the causes could be. - In OD (converter locked) a slight hill around 45-50mph putting a little more load on the trans I get the shudder "washboard" effect". - Letting off the gas stops it. Giving enough gas to unlock the converter (feels like it downshifts) and it stops. Keeping same gas and slightly depressing the brake so that the brake lights come on, it releases the lock, feels like a downshift and the shudder stops. Pressing the Tow button unlocks it and the shudder goes away. - No check engine light. - Did a trans fluid flush and replacement and added Lubegard Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx, no change. (maybe this means it is less likely the converter?) So, I understand it is likely the converter itself or possibly a tcc solenoid. I am confused however. I see references to a PWM TCC and an APPLY solenoid. Are both of these a potential cause of this? Can someone provide a link to both of these? (I am only able to find a PWM tcc solenoid). I am confident I can change the solenoids (and filter while I am in there) but need to find out the differences, location etc of the PWM and ACTIVE solenoid. Then if that doesn't fix it, take it in for a converter replacement. Some additional info. I have only owned it for approx 6 months. It has a 6" lift and slightly larger tires (only off by 5mph on the speedo). Supposedly the dealer I got it from put in a used trans (unknown history). I also sometimes get a cluck when I start the engine. I do back into my space and am wondering if it is the park "paw" that is engaging when I start. Or possibly this is related to the converter? Thanks for any insight.
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