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  1. Yeah, I don’t mind getting charged for it. What does bother me is that I was told I would have it for 5 years with the basic plan when I bought the truck, then a few months later they took the feature away and made it a pay feature. No notice. Just took it away. When I called it took them an hour to figure out why I didn’t have the feature. They confirmed I should have it with the basic plan, only to later email to tell me that I didn’t have it. Either way it’s a great truck just some shady business practices.
  2. Did anyone else notice that the new update to the myGMC app removes the ability to send a destination to the in dash navigation using the app? Wish I had realized this before I updated. I really liked using that feature. I thought it was a bug, but contacted support to get this reply: This feature is only available with our Guidance Service Plan. We apologize for any feelings of inconvenience this may have caused. However, if you do have the Guidance Service Plan activated in your vehicle and are experiencing this concern, our team would be more than happy to look into this further. Best,Philip J.OnStar Customer Care The strange thing is this is what their website says: The OnStar Basic Plan includes the following services (services may vary based on vehicle make, model and equipment): Select features of your vehicle's mobile app: Remotely start your vehicle (if factory installed), send a destination to your in-vehicle navigation screen, https://www.onstar.com/us/en/help-support/basic-plan/services-included.html
  3. From 15 to 17 they took away the ability to pause and rewind the radio. That is my most missed feature. They also stopped making the cooled seats and went to vented seats. Looking back I should have just bought the 17 hood and kept the 15, would have been a lot cheaper. I do like CarPlay and the ability to lock the tailgate from the key fob though.
  4. I have the all weather floor liners from GMC and am very happy with them. They are a way better than the OEM all weather floor mats. I wish it covered the hump where the jump seat is though. I think they did this so the same liner will fit the console and 6 seater versions. They do cover the back hump and everything else though.
  5. I am planning on getting a 2017 3500 Diesel SLT. I wanted the denali, but with 4 kids, had to go with a loaded SLT. When I build what I want online, it was $68,120, then after customer cash and factory reduction below MSRP it was $63,120. That was yesterday (and of course the truck wasn't ready yesterday, still in transit), but now today that offer is gone, just $500 customer cash. The dealer said he can get it down to $64,400, plus tax title and registration. It is a small dealership in CA, and I'm probably not going to drive anywhere since this is what I want. Seems like a big change in one day. Can he do better? Should I wait until April to see if the factory reduction below MSRP comes back? Thanks!
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