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  1. I know that a newer Ford(2011) could tell how many times the ECU was programmed. Meaning that if there are no service records with the dealer of reflashing, they will know someone has programmed the ECU on their own. I'm only assuming that Chevrolet/GMC would have that same capability. If I wasn't worried about voiding my warranty on my 2016 2500HD, I'd be tuning it also!
  2. I've looked in to this also. I was ready to just order some aftermarket manual fold and telescoping mirrors but then sold my camper. For now, I do not need the bigger mirrors. I did not find any power options that wiring myself seemed easy enough or cheap enough. I think the manual tow mirrors would've been around $100 each. By the way, i have the 2016 WT package as well.
  3. I am running full synthetic and changing every 4000 to 5000 miles. I am ignoring the oil monitor. My monitor said 47% after 4800 miles of driving last time and the oil looked dirty enough to me. I do my own oil change, and pay less then $9 a gallon for full synthetic Dexos 1.
  4. Yes, completely stock. I have the WT trim level with LT265/70R17 tires.
  5. I was getting 13.5 this past winter with my 2016 Crew 2500HD. That's a mix of city and highway driving along with a lot of stops at customers. Usually loaded fairly light. I just took a 300 mile trip yesterday and set the cruise at 75 MPH. I was happy to see 14.5 MPG after that ride. I thought the speed would hurt that number a little more.
  6. Chrome polish and steel wool maybe. It took some surface rust off a bumper for me last year to polish again after process.
  7. Dawn dish soap will act as a degreaser. It won't harm clear coat, but if you have hand waxed the vehicle, do not use dawn on the places you want the wax to stay. make sure to tell us how the bedliner goes.
  8. I have a 2016 with about 4500 miles on it now. Never had anything like that happen. I would be really worried with something that important failing. That situation could easily cost you your life. I hope they find the problem and fix it right.
  9. https://www.gmpartshouse.com/oe-gm/84154469?origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KEQjw5YfHBRDzjNnioYq3_swBEiQArj4pdBCIi6nKVnu8UbtzauQwd8wfHWNDLolw8IGMS3YpzkEaAhED8P8HAQ I found genuine GM wheel well liners for my 2016 GMC 2500HD. Shipping isnt cheap, so I called my dealer. I can buy them for about $120 for the pair. These are the "carpeted" style just like the front wheel wells. No hardware is included. The truck is already pre-drilled for the attaching parts. You can find those on ebay if you do some digging. You will need some square nuts that fit into the truck and then bolts to thread into those nuts. Gm wants alot for the hardware...I think there are about 16 attaching points on each side of the vehicle. I believe they want $5 for each piece. I found all of the hardware for around $30 on ebay or amazon. This you tube video gives alot of info ...
  10. Send me which ever you don't use...I will let you know how they perform in place of my factory painted 17" steel wheels.
  11. I had a noise when taking my foot off the gas and the truck would start to slow down. It seemed like the truck was fighting and the rpm's would seem high. At 600 miles, I took in and found out my transfer case was bad. There was a retaining ring that failed and allowed a bearing to move. The dealer fixed under warranty. I have the manual floor shifter.
  12. My owners manual says to use 5W30 in Dexos Synthetic Blend or better. I am also near my first oil change. I will be using full synthetic. I can buy it for $11.00 a gallon when I buy a 16 gallon keg.
  13. There are no more issues at this time. I used the 4WD in some snow we had a few days ago and it seemed just fine. I am satisfied with the repair I would say. I guess I would have preferred a new transfer case being that the truck was basically new. To me, this is a component that should almost never be opened up. Just service fluids in it throughout the life of the vehicle and that's it. The warranty states they will replace components and not complete units on the drive train warranty and thats what they did.
  14. I like the look of this one....thanks for sharing the pics!
  15. Don'f forget the added expense of the motor itself at the time of vehicle purchase. I agree 100% with you....buy because you want one or you tow heavy and often.
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