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  1. Some good info in this thread. I cleaned my (much lighter) surface rust with a paint stripper wheel and recoated with the original daubert spray. Yours looks scaly. It'll need to be resurfaced with some aggressive abrasives, hopefully there will be some metal left over.
  2. Yeah my issue was present from the first or second month of ownership. Not from beating on the truck. I had a Nissan Frontier that I drove the shit out of, on and off road, that only started to show a slight tranamission issue at 125,000 miles. Even at that mileage, it still performed with more refinement than this GM 6 speed.
  3. After reading the manual, I found no definitive reference to a top speed when driving in 4HI. Have any of you found that page? This is a question that pertains only to manual transfer case trucks. I saw the info about the electronic t case systems. Mine is a 4.3L 4x4. Every other part time 4x4 that I've driven listed a top speed at about 60 to 65mph, so I keep it under 60. This info would help on snowy highways.
  4. Yeah 6k is exceptionally low. Was the stability control system constantly nailing the brakes as you drove lol? Or do you just do a ton of stop and go urban driving?
  5. I too despise the permanent stability control. There are situations, not just the fun ones, when drivers need all avaliable power. I wonder if pulling that steering position sensor could adversely affect the operation of the SAB system. The yaw sensor must communicate with both of them.
  6. Where? I looked everywhere and had no luck. For the OP, vinyl wrap could do the job. Removing the trim isn't that difficult if patience is employed. Reapplying with some new 3m or gorilla tape is important.
  7. SUV bodies have lowered significantly over the last two decades, so I understand your frustration. The plastic beard on my 17 Silverado's front bumper sustained damaged in deep snow drifts and was the most likely culprit in a botched driveway escape attempt in a blizzard. So I chopped off most of it. Trimming yours up to the paint line could free up a lot of clearance. Try some rear splash guards. They should eliminate most of your snow blanket. Front splash guards will keep a lot of ice and slush out of your running boards and some grease at the joints could help the cause. Otherwise, removal may be the best winter move. Good luck and get some duratracs!
  8. I experimented this week after some success with L5 driving. L5 eliminated: V4 mode 35 to 39mph shudders 80 to 90 percent of clunking Then I tried Tow Haul mode. The first few days of driving resulted in some gruff driving characteristics (holding onto gears for a few seconds more than necessary before upshifting) After the transmission "learned" my driving style, it is better but still hangs on to gears for too long L5 with Tow/Haul eliminated: Early upshifting Gear hunting Clunking The usual V4 mode demerits In summary, running L4 under 50mph and L5 for everything else solved everything. T/H was too rough. The truck is a breeze to drive now, L4 improved throttle response as well.
  9. These engines are great for fuel economy. I cut off the majority of the front air dam and it still gets 20mpg consistently.
  10. Yesterday I towed 1300lbs and the truck performed really well. It felt like it had plenty of power on tap.
  11. I've towed with it only a few times, but I'll give some feedback. I helped a friend move about 30 miles towing a full 12' uhaul and carrying his bed and some crap in the truck. With high hopes, due to the 305 lb ft that this motor has, I set out in hilly stop and go traffic. The truck has "adequate" to anemic power. The tranny got up to an unsettling 221 degrees and it was only about a 50 minute drive. It felt labored and strained. The Chev is about 5300lbs, 3.42 gears, 4x4, 4.3, 2017, stock. For the sake of comparison, my last truck was a Nissan Frontier 4.0 4x4. It had 3.13 gears, 33 inch mud terrains that were north of 70lbs at each corner, and about 800lbs of off road armor. (Unloaded at the scales it was about 5150lbs). When I moved with this truck, I traveled a greater distance, had a full, heavy load in the bed, a passenger, a much more packed 12' Uhaul trailer, drove it hard, and the Nissan didn't feel labored. The engine felt like it could've taken another 2000lbs. This comparison isn't completely fair, because the Nissan engine was tuned with a Superchips Cortex for 87 octane, but it does give perspective. Maybe when this beast is out of warranty, I'll tune it and see if improvements become apparent. Tomorrow the Chev is towing about 1300lbs, should be easy, I'll report what happens
  12. I'll bring it up again at my next service visit, it does not pass as "normal driving characteristics". Running it in L5 all the time makes it 90 percent better. It also disables V4 mode and the truck still gets over 20mpg.
  13. Since it's first month on the road, my 6 speed has clunked, slammed into gear, hesitated, jerked, and popped so hard from the rear end that it felt like someone rear ended me multiple times. It happens the most during normal suburban driving. GM gave me a TSB and explained that it is due to the gears moving at different speeds. Apparently GM is the only manufacturer who experiences design hardships with confusing, spinning parts. After reading some of the good experience posts, I've decided to keep pushing the issue before I run out of the powertrain warranty (currently at 20k)
  14. My 4.3L needs a compelling soundtrack. In my searches, I stumbled upon this sonorous, V8-esque muffler. If anyone has experience with a similar sound from a 4.3 Ecotec, point me in that direction. This is an awesome sound from a V6!
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