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  1. And what are you asking for it? I saw $1,000 brand new on the link.
  2. I recently bought a 14 silverado ltz z71 and am looking for an exhaust. I like the borla atak but am not too picky. I don't want the exhaust coming out the back instead of side. Cash in hand or PayPal. Thanks.
  3. Still available? And what model borla? If it's an atak I'm interested
  4. I have a 14 silverado 1500 ltz z71 with the 3.5" RC suspension lift. I'm looking at wheels 20x9 and 20x9 with a 18mm offset. Does anyone know the best size tires to run without rubbing or trimming. RC says 28/55/20 is biggest but I hear people running 305/55/20 without rubbing. Does offset or no offset help that?
  5. I have a 14 silverado ltz z71 and I'm looking to lift it 3.5". I'm debating on running either 18s or 20s with bigger tires. I seen all different sizes of tires that will fit with each wheel without rubbing or cutting. I'm trying to run the biggest tire possible without rubbing or cutting. I was told with 20x9 wheels with a 18mm offset I can only run 285/55/r20 tires. That seems small to me, about an inch bigger then my stock 265s. If that's true do i run 18s so I can get bugger tires then? Help!
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