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  1. Hey any recommendations on when to do this, towed a 4000 pound trailer over the rockies three times, figure to get er dun. What type of oil to use, for diff and transfer case, and any tricks or tips to the DIY er? Cheers, m
  2. Hey all, just did the service on the tranny a bit early, but three times over the rockies and back towing, thought it alright. But I have not serviced these units, any sugggestions on oil type, tricks to do it easier etc...? Thanks for all help. Sorry, 2016 2500 HD gaser ( 6.0)
  3. Hey all, just wondering if oiling the truck panels (doors) will affect the electric window motorss etc.... also looking for a skid plate in Ontario Canada, any suggestions as to type and where to source here ??? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys, and cool sisters. Just bought my first new vehicle (50 years old) after exhaustive research, should've just listened to all my logger budddies out west, or contractor buds in Onterrible here. Anyways, 2016 2500 HD ext cab. Silver..... 6.0 gasser..... oversized mudflaps, Husky mats first two minor mods, Daughter loves it more than I do... almost !!! Anyhow, thanks for any advice, for which I 'll be looking for some. Next step oil spray, not sure about how it will affect the electrics, so will look into that here too. Cheers, Mike
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