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  1. No I haven’t yet! Lol I was hoping someone had cut there’s off first. I might have to soon can’t stand this rattle tin can sound.
  2. So are these trucks with the mesh screen all US designated trucks? I have ‘19 Silverado High Country it’s a US built CANADIAN truck but I clearly have resonators... and a YUUGE muffler, with adaptive valve on either side. I want a more v8 sound, but not loud annoying rumbles (I have my 70 Chevelle for that ;) What’s the best course? Factory GM cat back? Cut the resonators out and see, or swap the garbage can sized muffler for a magnaflow or something. Definitely going to do a CAI, is the GM one the best option? It does look sharp and factory
  3. Following! Bought my High Country fully load with the the 360 cameras, UV2 technology package and NHT max tow package. Dealer won’t sell me the trailering camera package 84580657, bummer with all this tech I’d have to add another monitor just to get a camera view on the rear of my new truck and trailer.! Also I did get the TPMS if I get them installed will it show pressure when I plug in my trailer and select it?
  4. How did the tow go without airbags? Just bought a ‘19 High Country with the max trailering package (bumps it up to 11,500 or 12,200 tow rating can’t confirm, GM shows both numbers). Picking up our new 30’ bumper pull on Monday. Thinking I’ll need airbags, but we’ll see. Trailer is only 6900 dry / 9000lbs wet. if you picked some up can you provide any details?
  5. Well that's good to know about the 1AMRP01786 having the k40 provisions, but that mirror is out of stock too! Let me know when you pull one apart and which ever is avail first I will get, when it's avail I will need you shipping address as it probably better to ship to you first then to me after your mods
  6. Yep looks like I'm missing #9 & 11, I watched your video on the RZY jumper, holy not fun looking lol... but I guess if I want the features it's a must! I can't imagine how the body connector of the x500/600 is accessible from inside the cab, I accidentally push it in, and had a heck of a time trying to get it back in its spot. So the mirrors I want from A1 are still out of stock, 1AMRP01798, I'd get ones without the chrome and buy the caps separate, but it doesn't seem like the one down from it includes all the same features (missing memory or puddle lamp), and the one in your latest vid (which was a great side x side comparison btw) isn't for diesels, missing K40) I'm on the email list for when one comes in, then I'd like to ship to you for the PnP harness build! I know you mentioned that the oem mirrors might have the k40 built in, just not the bottom cap part? If I bought mirrors without the k40 option and bought chrome replacement caps for a k40 would it have the necessary wire to complete the option? Thanks, Dan
  7. Ok, so I'll still need a harness from you. As I do want ALL features to work I believe this is the mirrors that will work https://www.1aauto.com/mirror-pair/i/1amrp01798?f=1138967&y=2015#product-qa-tab Of course my luck says it's out of stock! I'll send the c note to find out if when they'll get more. Can you let me know which of your harness(es) I'll need? Would I buy from them and ship direct to you? The only feature I'd do without is the memory mirror, if that's the separate RZY harness. And if that's all it does, but I still want tilt with reverse and all other options, key fob or button powerfold, power, heat, led signal, led spot reverse or cargo, (and puddle, but only cause this mirror wil have it, but I do have the headlight switch off mod so the factory ones don't come on now anyways) Thanks in advance! It truly is people like you on these forums that make these seemingly complicated tasks manageable for us unsure people
  8. Ok so I figure after reading this and some others I have the DL3 "premium" small mirrors, and I want the DQS power fold tow mirrors. Would anyone want to buy my DL3's!? I have seen some sets of tow mirrors on eBay for 250 and as high at 1700 (cdn). Some of these say they include everything needed, some not so much info. How do I know I need your pnp kits? I found a set on 1a auto, for a 2500hd Denali diesel https://www.1aauto.com/mirror-pair/i/1amrp01796?f=1103291&y=2015but it's not power fold Then there's this kit says for a 1500 but clearly states K40 diesel exhaust brake option and power fold https://www.1aauto.com/mirror-pair/i/1amrp01796?f=1103291&y=2015 Would I still require a pnp kit to make these work as factory. I think the second option also has the puddle lights as a bonus, whereas the stock dqs do not. I'm leaning one the second link as it's a cheaper option and looks complete. Anyone tried any of these? Thanks in advance Dan 2015 GMC Denali 2500HD diesel
  9. Hello, I'm interested in upgrading my power fold heat turn signal (DL8) to the two mirrors . Do you offer a complete kit, with mirrors and all harness needed to make work 100%. I have access to the '16 tow mirrors off a gasser, but am told they won't work properly on my diesel. Shoot me a PM if you can supply a kit. Thanks in advance, Dan 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali
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