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  1. @ElderScrolls #legends is pretty awesome.

  2. @AmazonHelp I do need to make a correction. The items are right, I just ordered the wrong thing. However, the ite… https://t.co/8QUWOhZsEK

  3. @MINDHUNTER_ was great.

  4. I've been lucky twice now. My '15 4.3 (z71 4x4) and my current '17 5.3 (z71 4x4) have had ZERO issues with vibration. That video of the F-350 is ridiculous, but not surprising. One of the bands I play in owns an E-150 that has a similar 'death shake' around 65mph too...
  5. I guess I'm in the minority. I actively seek out non-turbo engines. My wife has her eye on a new Traverse and the only engine option I'd approve is the v6.
  6. Couldn't agree more on #5. I thought the 2019's looked revolting in pictures. I daresay they are even worse in person.
  7. @TMobileHelp Will do. Thanks!

  8. Can someone tell me what #ReleseTheMemo is all about?

  9. @majesticAsFk @lifehacker I feel exactly the same way. Lifehacker used to have some really neat tips and tricks to… https://t.co/DczENqh8Wg

  10. The #LastJedi is bold, and turns the #starwars universe on its head, but I didn't particularly enjoy the ride, desp… https://t.co/t8cNFduw18

  11. 6'4" -- no way in hell would I ever feel comfortable driving a Cruze. I've had them every now and then as loaner vehicles. Maybe the newer ones are nicer, but my friend has a '14 and sitting in the front passenger seat pushed all the way back, my knees are literally touching the dash... Yup. Nope!
  12. RT @gvanrossum: Python 3.6.4rc1 and3.7.0a3 are now available! https://t.co/4fA3enKzYo

  13. I had a 15 4.3, and now currently have a 17 5.3. When lease shopping I actually pursued the 4.3 as I liked it that much and it was completely adequate for my needs. I'm not saying I'm not happy with the 5.3 but the difference is subtle. Around town driving they really do feel about the same. The only time I can really tell a difference is if I'm passing going 70+ on the highway. As far as gas mileage, and similar driving (fairly aggressive), there's easily a 2mpg difference in the v8.
  14. RT @AmonJohan: I don’t get it. The game developer worked 18 months to build this game for us. 12 levels, 13 songs and no commercials, and p…

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