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  1. Yah damn what was it speeds lol I've had my 17 up to over 95 mph and no issues Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Leveling Kit or 4" Lift

    Don't lift a 2wd truck unsure why anyone buys a 2 wd truck but...don't lift it you don't need height no reason for it. maybe a small level kit if you want to level it off but ensure you check warranty stuff.
  3. Thanks for recommendation to talk to dealer- just spoke with them they are going to replace rotors on front (and measure back) . Although they don't do pads when doing rotors oddly enough.
  4. ah, makes sense i just assumed OEM were crap cause i noticed this about 6-7k miles ago and have been just sitting on it a bit as it gets worse, Driving wise i don't hard stop unless i'm forced to i don't ride brakes cause i don't want to replace them or get dust on my rims haha. i do let off my brakes when stopped Hillstart helps on slight inclines and on flat your normally pretty good. also if i have to brake for a "longer" time while towing i do a "brake-stop-brake -stop " to allow the rotors a bit of cool down time between braking.
  5. Interesting tho, i didn't realize the 3 years 36 covers EVERYTHING - i also purchased 5 years 90k miles extended warranty they said was "bumper to bumper" wonder if that covers everything... if it does best 2.4k i spent.
  6. They know i tow, i've had issues with them and they tried to give me a damn loaner SUV when i was going on vacation while they fixed something on my truck i had to tow the boat back home at the end so they know I tow but what would that matter? truck has max tow package should be able to tow 3k lbs when it's limit is 12.5k
  7. Yes the trailer has brakes Sorry in My state anything over i think 2.5k lbs requires trailer brakes
  8. So as of recently I have been towing on and off on weekends my 20ft Pontoon boat (wt of maybe 3,300lbs with trailer and load nowhere near my max tow ) and noticed when driving everyday my brakes vibrate specially coming off highway. Soo i was thinking of upgrade brakes to something better seems OEM suck. any suggestions? Kinda pissed at 25k miles my rotors are having issues already. 2017 Silverado 1500 LT All star edition -- is what i currently have. 5.3l Crew cab.
  9. Don't want to specify if i have a Mexican truck or US truck...How was the trucks papers done if they are mexican are the legal? >.<
  10. Tire rotation question

    See i have noticed some odd wear on my front two tires so i marked them thinking they were not rotating then found out how they rotate. Also i believe my oil change prior they didn't fill it up correctly i drove a good 2k miles 1 quart low (cause i don't check when i leave) til i checked oil after running a few tanks of good gas through to find the oil was down. now i have to do a consumption test go figure. but my theory is the guy doing the oil change just didn't put the last quart in after the filter was added TBH. My normal visits take time, i have had some warranty work done on my camera and that took 4 different visits with 4 different days taking my truck for the entire day, each day i was told "we are low staff couldn't get your appointment done" until i wrote to the GM then somehow they got it done in 1 day. but it took me about 4 months to get the camera resolved... took them 4 months to order the part like no joke 4 months to place the part order so it arrives when i am there for an appointment too. Yes they give u a loaner but i have a 2 year old i need his car seat etc etc and normally the loaner is a extended cab so therefor a full sized car seat doesn't fit properly in the back. plus to get it done i need to be in 2 places at once A: picking my son up from daycare B: dropping off my truck for the appointment -- doesn't work out well/easily Glad however your getting decent results maybe there is some hope for the dealership.
  11. Tire rotation question

    Ahh so you get the one side rotate too . I've had to email their GM and be in constant contact with their service manager cause anytime I do anything through them it's like a 6 hour root canal.
  12. Tire rotation question

    Yes how did u know?
  13. Tire rotation question

    Nice, i know Town faire tire does that as well ( i get 10% discount cause of where i work at a college we use them heavily) so yah, i got some Goodyear wrangler Blah blah tire that well if the truck wasn't great in winter itself (Massachusetts ) the tires suck but in 4x4 it gets it done just sketchy on highway with those tires. Also once i can replace them i have a new set of Rims/tires in mind saw these "black widow" rims at another dealership i loved problem is 20 inch tires i got 18's stock not worth buying rim/tire unless i need new tires itself.
  14. Tire rotation question

    yeah the dealership i deal with...are clowns i get it, Sadly they give "Free oil changes, tire rotations and batteries for life" if i do all service there...which honestly I've been wondering if it's worth it cause yah..
  15. Tire rotation question

    I mentioned this to the service manager and he said he would research why and get back to me. he called me back saying it's because of how the roads now-a-days are designed....to my this makes less sense now cause it's the wear on tires not the freaking roads. He mentioned scalloping on the treads during use so if we rotated to other side the scalloping would be "pounding" into the cement instead of flowing with it.. --- IMO that is why your rotating to stop scalloping of the tires and ensure they are even tread all around.

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