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  1. I'm right outside of worc. drive that area constantly - no drafting behind semi's don't want rocks on my hood/windshield - my next long road trip i'll snag pictures of MPG for you-all no joke and no idea how i'm getting it . i don't believe i drive conservatively i pass a lot i coast often have this annoying sound in the passenger seat all day that goes "stop slow ahh " ...(wife)
  2. I believe they have a 10 min timer after vehicle is off. Turns itself off after 10 mins.
  3. HAHA nah , i assumed with the V8 on my trips i'd get 20..maybe 22 max highway while driving and stopped at rest stop for food/gas i looked at calculation it came out ot 28.6 - i did the math after fill up and it was about on par my math came out to 28.7something or other I was probably in V-4 mode alot as i coast/drive the same speed i don't speed up/down a lot. i normally get up to speed and just cruise at that speed. and plan my trips around dodging traffic. combined i get between 18-20 give or take. towing my boat i get 16-18
  4. Brake upgrades

    some questions -- do they make squeaking noise? i've read reviews on them on noisiness when cold etc. Do they actually stop better than OEM? I'm kinda curious if i just half a faulty set of rotors to start with from GM and got a bad taste for the OEM brakes lol.
  5. So i tow a pontoon boat 20 ft boat regularly during the summer months rough weight 5k -- my stock brakes last year after first season of towing with it ended with warped rotors which pissed me off...so i'm thinking this year before i start towing i should upgrade brakes to something...durable/better What are some suggestions? i've read on power stop ,EBC---Hawk i'm thinking i want rotors and pads not fully interested in calipers but if that is something that needs changing to i guess so.. Ideally looking to keep it as cheap as possible with a quality product. ...prob dont get both right? 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3L crew cab - LT All star ~34k miles
  6. Nothing? stock LT 4x4 crew cab - i drove from Central MA to bronx NY all highway measuring MPG and was getting 28.6mpg going 75-80mph sometimes downing to 70mph clearly speeding (limit in most area's 55-65) -- should also note rear of truck was filled with vacation stuff ~ give or take 400-500lbs of junk including coolers/food/etc -- inside vehicle was myself heavier guy 390lbs at that time (lost weight now down to 250 woo) wife 160, son who was like 20lbs. and random junk inside cab. i drive regularly to NH/Maine and get 26-28 depending on day/weather etc. Normal cheap shell gas .
  7. Sounds like a STD or something...LOL seems legit tho.
  8. I went into a K&N drop in, no MPG change or anything really same old same old. ..i can't see an airfilter changing your MPH from 18 down ot 13/14 there has to be something else wrong i could see 1 maybe 2 mpg AT most..check installation of air filter maybe it's in wrong? i get 18-20 city and if i do all highway at 70-75mph i get 26-28 in my 5.3l V8 Crew cab massachusetts area. so hilly terrain
  9. Yah damn what was it speeds lol I've had my 17 up to over 95 mph and no issues Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Leveling Kit or 4" Lift

    Don't lift a 2wd truck unsure why anyone buys a 2 wd truck but...don't lift it you don't need height no reason for it. maybe a small level kit if you want to level it off but ensure you check warranty stuff.
  11. Thanks for recommendation to talk to dealer- just spoke with them they are going to replace rotors on front (and measure back) . Although they don't do pads when doing rotors oddly enough.
  12. ah, makes sense i just assumed OEM were crap cause i noticed this about 6-7k miles ago and have been just sitting on it a bit as it gets worse, Driving wise i don't hard stop unless i'm forced to i don't ride brakes cause i don't want to replace them or get dust on my rims haha. i do let off my brakes when stopped Hillstart helps on slight inclines and on flat your normally pretty good. also if i have to brake for a "longer" time while towing i do a "brake-stop-brake -stop " to allow the rotors a bit of cool down time between braking.
  13. Interesting tho, i didn't realize the 3 years 36 covers EVERYTHING - i also purchased 5 years 90k miles extended warranty they said was "bumper to bumper" wonder if that covers everything... if it does best 2.4k i spent.
  14. They know i tow, i've had issues with them and they tried to give me a damn loaner SUV when i was going on vacation while they fixed something on my truck i had to tow the boat back home at the end so they know I tow but what would that matter? truck has max tow package should be able to tow 3k lbs when it's limit is 12.5k
  15. Yes the trailer has brakes Sorry in My state anything over i think 2.5k lbs requires trailer brakes

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