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  1. Wow Truck looks great! I love the stance.
  2. I think you'll love them. Best AT Tire I've experienced both price/performance.
  3. I have a 2" level and my 275/60/20's fit perfectly with zero rubbing.
  4. Mine are P rated 275/60/20 and excellent on the highway
  5. 275/60/20 Wildpeaks on my 2016. I have approx 16k miles on them. Very smooth and quiet. I've rotated them twice and they have shown very even wear. I haven't done much off roading in them but they have proved to have excellent traction in rain and snow. Over the years on my previous Sierra I have tried Hankooks, General, and BFG. For the money, these Falkens cannot be beat! No doubt I will buy again.
  6. If you have an extended warranty, maybe remove the level before you go? haha Best of luck to you!
  7. Sorry to hear about your issue. I had the same thing happen after installing a 2" level. It is very common on this generation of truck for some reason. For me, the dealer diagnosed it as a bad steering gear and luckily it was replaced under my bumper to bumper warranty. Its been a little over 1K miles since the fix and no more noise. It would have been a pricey fix if not for the warranty. My steering was fine however other than the noise.
  8. it was replaced under bumper to bumper. I don't think they'd cover it under powertrain.
  9. I experienced this same issue after installing a 2" leveling kit. Ultimately the dealer diagnosed it as a steering gear malfunction and it was replaced under warranty.
  10. I have a 2016 Silverado and literally just had the same issue you described fixed under warranty last month. Just made it too as the odometer was at 34,927 at time of repair. haha. Anyways, they traced the issue on mine to the Steering gear part # 84368395. Per the notes on my service receipt it does appear a bunch of programing and "re-learning" took place. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. From my quick online research it does appear this is fairly common (especially on trucks with leveling kits)
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