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  1. Good evening GM enthusiasts - I would greatly appreciate some encouragement and any tips after reading.... My 2014 GMC Sierra has thrown the P0446 code a few times. I had it reset once by an auto parts place and then the dealer reset it for me when I took it in for the $2000 repair estimate. The parts to replace are the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (PN 13502903) and the Evap Vent Solenoid (PN 23103351) - I have not ordered yet, but these parts will cost me $83.14 from Amazon - local auto parts place wants $205.98. The service write up also indicates I will need some 5/8 inch hose and 4 clamps - but this seems misleading if the part is interchangeable, I have seen other parts and read the bulletin that mention the pre-filter. SO, based on everything I have read and watched on youtube, including this link below, I believe I am prepared to replace these parts on my own. I do not have a lift, or ramps btw - or even the wheelie thing you lie down on. To replace the fuel tank pressure sensor, it would seem that lifting one side of the bed is the easiest/simplest method of gaining access to the top of the fuel tank. It seems simple enough, removing all bolts on one side, loosing the other side, disconnecting wiring harness and fuel filler torx screws....I'll use a couple strategically placed 2x4s to hold one side of the bed up and boom, that replacement should be good to go. This has got to be easier than dropping the tank for a solo repair. So, for the the EVAP Vent solenoid....I have watched a few videos on this. I can imagine the unit is not working correctly as it is difficult to initially get fuel into the truck when gas tank is low. I am still not certain where the unit is located on 2014 models. Obviously near the fuel tank. My plan is to crawl under neath and find it...Is this something I can/should tackle while the bed is lifted, or is this unnecessary? ANY recommendations or thoughts on any of the above appreciated....I don't think there is much to screw up here - generally speaking - but any PRO tips would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for all the replies....going to leave it alone for now...bolt/nut sounds like a winner too...or perhaps jb weld/epoxy the tab back together. Very grateful for all the replies.
  3. Good morning all- Yesterday afternoon I replaced the pleated air filter in my Sierra 1500. Everything went fine except for the last - hardest to reach - hexhead screw for the cover....I had everything tightened up hand tight, and went for the 'just one more crank to make sure' on the ratchet...anyway, I heard a pop and took a look at the screw tab lowest to ground and closest to front of vehicle and it's cracked...I then backed off the screw a bit. Should I just leave it and not worry, there appears to be plenty of tension on the cover still...but maybe I should take everything apart and JB weld the crack? I bet a new air cover housing is $$$$. Any thoughts appreciated.
  4. Hello to all, this is my first post....and I searched topic before posting - maybe not well enough though... My rear bumper got chewed up pretty good the other day...the dealership wants 1300 for a replacement and install... I found a guy on Craigslist selling a bumper that fits GMC AND Chevy... Do any of you know if the 2014 1500 rear bumpers are interchangeable between GMC and Chevy? (I seem to recall someone telling me the 2 are slightly different) Thanks in advance.
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