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  1. My 2007 Chevy Suburban 128,000 miles, developed a bad vibration in the steering wheel which made me believe I had a brake problem on the front right wheel. I pulled off the highway and the front right wheel was very hot and smelled of very hot brakes. I had new brake pads and rotors installed 12 months ago(12k miles). I am thinking I have a caliper hanging up. I think I need to do a complete front brake job (calipers,pads, and rotors). In addition I think I should have the wheel bearings repacked or replaced since there was excessive heat on that wheel. Any thoughts on my assessment of this problem?
  2. All they did was remove the dashboard cover when painting the interior. It seems totally strange it won't even fire up with spark and fuel.
  3. I have a 1987 R10(Injected) half ton pickup that I have been restoring. I took it to a paint shop to get the exterior and interior painted. I had them remove the old dashed and install a new one in its place. When I went to pick the truck up they said they couldn't get it to start and they thought it was out of gas. It wasn't out of gas. when cranking the engine we couldn't get it to even fire. we took the air cleaner off and could see that fuel was going into the throttle body. There was fuel being sprayed into the throttle body. we took a spark plug wire off and grounded it to ground it and confirmed there was in fact spark. I trailered it there so we just pushed it up onto the trailer to bring it home. Someone mentioned they may have disconnected something with the ignition system. any ideas?
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