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  1. Just picked up a 2500 Suburban 8.1L

    The wheels will more than likely stay, lol. I thought about removing the flares but am afraid of them already rubbing into the paint and possibly finding issues underneath. The bumpers, grille, and lights will be here next weekend. Not 100% I will keep the lights but I will see how they look. They are black housings with clear lenses. I may end up just getting new marker lights as the ones on it now are showing their age. The headlights still look and work good. I also plan on getting a muffler installed. I bought a Jones 3" two in, one out, muffler for my 1500HD I never got installed. It's got a decent exhaust note now but want a little more. Hopefully it isn't too loud for the family.
  2. Just picked up a 2500 Suburban 8.1L

    Nothing is wrong with them at all. They are actually in really good shape. If anything, it needs some 265's or 285's. These 245's are too small and make it look like it skipped leg day. Yeah, I was surprised that there isn't any rust on the rockers or cab corners. I even expected some to be starting on the bottoms of the doors but there isn't anything. I don't have any old pictures of the truck unfortunately. All I can tell you is that it was white, rusty, and looked like an old farm truck. You're right. These wheels are hard to come by and do look good but it definitely will be getting some bigger tires at some point. I won't go crazy with it or anything but would like to step up to 265's or 285's. I agree that the 4.10's help quite a bit. I have driven a 2500HD with a 6.0 and 4.10's though. It was a turd compared to the 8.1 and 4.10's. I have a buddy that works at a body shop. I will get a quote from him on the flares. The bumpers I ordered come powder coated black and they are more of a flat black. I thought about just having them cleared the way they are but will wait to see what they look like. These came with the 4L80E. The Allison would be nice but my experience with the 4L80E has been great in the past and they are cheap to have rebuilt if needed.
  3. Just picked up a 2500 Suburban 8.1L

    I did take a look and couldn't see any broken bolts. The 5.3L in my Buick Rainier had broken bolt and it ticked when cold as well. I used one of the "fix-it" pieces that bolts to the head and it worked well. I am going to take a better look at the Suburban when I have some time. Brake and fuel lines all look good. I know those can be a huge issue on these. I don't plan on driving this thing much in the winter so hopefully I keep the rust at bay. I am going to hit the few rust areas on the frame and other places with a wire wheel and put a fresh coat of paint on them. I plan on keeping it clean and staying on top of any rust that comes back through. So far they look good. I will make sure to stay on top of coating them. Like I mentioned above, it won't get driven in the winter unless I absolutely need to go somewhere. My wife has an AWD SUV that does decent in the snow as well. It's actually my buddies truck. It's a 78 that he's owned forever and just recently had redone. We plan on swapping a 5.3/6.0 into this winter. I told him he could store it in my garage for the winter or at least until I get the engine and transmission back for my Camaro. Need to get it ready to race by April at the very latest.
  4. Last fall I sold my 2003 1500HD with 57k miles on it because I wanted something that towed our 26' boat better. I had planned on getting something a little newer this go around but really fell in love with the 2500 Suburban/Yukon XL. I know I didn't want the 6.0L again because it was gutless in my truck and didn't like how it towed our boat. I set out to find a 2500 with the 8.1L in it. I missed out on an 02 Suburban in Texas that had 74k miles on it for $8900 from a dealership. It would have been a long drive home to Iowa but the thing was in perfect shape. A few days later I came across one located in Indiana that was a two owner, in very nice shape, and was advertised with no rust. It had 105k miles on it and the guy was asking $12,500. I called him up and asked some questions about it and put a small deposit down. I rented a car and drove out there with a buddy to take a look at it. The interior is in almost perfect shape, the paint has a few scratches here and there and the undercarriage has a ton of factory undercoating on it but some of the parts underneath have some rust on them. What I was concerned with was the rockers and cab corners and they are completely rust free. I took it for a drive and it ran very well and everything worked as it should. I ended up giving $12,000 for it which isn't a great deal by any means but from looking around all over the country it seems like it is right in line with other prices I am seeing. It does have a few things I need to take care. The rear bumper has some rust on it. It has a small exhaust leak I didn't hear until I started it up one morning after it had been sitting all night. It goes away once warmed up though. The drivers seat has a very small hole in it that I will probably get fixed sooner than later so it doesn't get worse. I have already ordered new black bumpers for the front and rear, a black grille, and new headlights/marker lights. Outside of those few issues it's a very nice SUV. It came with brand new 10 ply tires and remote start. It made the trip home to Iowa from Indiana running 75-80 and averaged just over 11 MPG. My 1500HD got almost identical MPG. I plan on tuning the Suburban myself like I did my truck to try and maximize MPG and get a little more power out of it. The Suburban also has 4.10's in it while my truck had 3.73's. This 8.1L has a ton more torque that I can certainly feel as well. This is not my DD as I have a little Saturn SL2 that I drive back and forth to work when I go to the office three days a week. The Suburban will be a dedicated tow/vacation rig and used whenever else I need it. Like I mentioned, we have a 26' boat we tow and I also have a 2001 Camaro I tow on an open trailer to different events. I'm excited to make some changes to the Suburban and make it "mine". New wheels and tires will come eventually. What are your thoughts on these and the price I gave for it? Any other comments or suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I have the misfire tables maxed out in the tune to check for that very thing. It didn't change anything.
  6. Thanks, Mike. I am going to check a few things before I drop the pan and start replacing things. I am also going to scan it with my tuning software to see what happens with everything when it does unlock. I can command lockup with it too so we will see if it locks back up when I do so.
  7. I have a 2003 1500HD with 56k miles on it. Recently I have noticed the converter unlocking while cruising down the interstate. I can be humming along on flat ground and all of the sudden the converter unlocks and won't lock back up for a few miles down the road. I have tuned the truck via HPTuners and have the converter remaining locked while letting off the gas but of course it still unlocks when hitting the brake as it should. This is issue should not be related to anything in the tune as I have tuned all of my previous trucks the same way. Any ideas why it could be doing this? I have searched all over and have come up with a few things. Brake switch, needing a Case Relearn done, ABS issues, etc. The brake switch appears to function as it should. I still need to try a Case Relearn. I do have a weird ABS issue when coming to a stop though. When I come up to a stop the ABS will kick on for a brief second before the truck comes completely stopped. I have found this to be a somewhat common problem but I don't think that it has anything to do with the converter unlocking. I drove the truck back 10 hours after I bought it only 4k miles ago and the converter never acted like it has lately. Just looking for a couple of other things to try before I replace anything internally in the transmission.
  8. Thanks. I will more than likely just go with an Apple Carplay radio. Been looking at the Pioneer 4200NEX and will probably pick one up shortly.
  9. Well, I did say the ones I have been looking at don't have the 3.5 mm jack. I am not 100% sure how to hook it up so they work and I haven't been able to get it to work in my Rainier. Was hoping someone has installed one with the PAC and gotten the SWC's to work. I wish that was an option for my year of truck, however they do not make a plug and play unit for mine.
  10. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Used the newly acquired 1500 HD to tow the boat to the lake this past weekend. It did a great job as expected. Really liking this truck.
  11. New from Iowa - Getting a 2003 1500HD

    Thanks, Nick! I live in Madrid. Maybe I'll see you around!
  12. I am wanting to replace the head unit in my 2003 1500HD. It has the Bose system in it. I also have a Bose system in my 2004 Buick Rainier and used a cheap double din stereo with the PAC RP5-GM11 module to retain all the original features. However, I was never able to get the steering wheel controls to work since the radio I purchased does not have the 3.5mm plug in the back of it like most name brands do. I have been looking at the Android head units since they offer a ton of features, one of which is you're able to install the Torque App and use the Bluetooth dongle to monitor everything going on, clear codes, etc. These Android units do not come with the 3.5mm steering wheel control port though. I have been looking all over on how to hook this up and like I mentioned I could never get it to work on my Rainier. Has anyone here been able to configure their steering wheel controls using a similar radio? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. New from Iowa - Getting a 2003 1500HD

    I ended up getting the truck. It was an awesome trip and a great drive home.
  14. Hello all, I am going to look at and, more than likely, buy a 2003 Silverado 1500HD this weekend. I will be traveling from Iowa to Kentucky which is roughly 10 hours. I have been looking for a 1500HD for quite some time and think I found the perfect truck. It's got 52k miles on it and looks to be in very good shape. The dealer was asking $17,999 for it but I got them down to $15,500. What are your thoughts on this price? I currently own a 2004 Buick Rainier 5.3L but am wanting something a little more robust to trailer my Camaro to the track and our boat to the lake. The 6.0/4L80E combo is hard to beat for reliability. The Buick does an okay job towing the Camaro on an open trailer but the boat being 25' long would probably be a little sketchy. Right now I use my Dad's 2002 Avalanche and it even struggles a bit with it. Here's some pictures of the truck. The salesman I have been working with said there is hardly a scratch or ding on it and most importantly for me, no rust. Trying to find something like this in the upper Midwest that isn't a rusted mess isn't possible. I am going to make sure I keep it clean and do every thing I can to prevent the common rocker and cab corner rust issues that plague these trucks. What do you all think? For the heck of it here's the Buick towing my Camaro and the boat hooked up to it. I didn't go far with the boat. I know it would tow it but the short wheelbase and lack of weight wouldn't be wise I don't think. I look forward to posting more.

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