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  1. Thanks Duelin... Truck still at the dealer, but I'll reach out as see what he says. Fingers crossed!
  2. Need some guidance. Have a 2007 Avalanche that has 160k on it. Truck is in really good shape, but over the past 3 years I've been fighting an issue. The check suspension warning has been coming on for a long time. Replaced the original air-ride with coil-over shocks about 5yrs ago and put in bypass resistors. Worked really well, but perhaps it's somehow related. 2 yrs later, I am constantly running into issues where the Stabilitrak, ABS, Check Suspension warnings, combined with clicking, doorlocks sometimes cycling and speedo/tach quickly pulsing to 0 and back again almost every week or two. Seems electrical, everyone says it's electrical, but no one can figure it out. I recently had the suspension module replaced as the dealer said "it was the most likely spot" and the place to start. Apparently it nearly fell off in their hands when they removed it, so okay. Problem still exists. It seems to happen during the following conditions: Really hot days, when turning hard to the left and/or upward to the left (I have a steep driveway on a sharp corner), wet weather (rain or snow - although it will happen on perfectly dry days too). I asked (perhaps naively), "can't we just replace all of the main stock harnesses?". I was told that I was nuts. I figured they're just in snap connectors along the frame rail and if it's that kind of an issue, why not just replace them? Losing my mind. I know it's an 11yr old truck, I know it has 160k miles on it, but I own it and other than this annoyance it runs great. I'd ignore it but for the fact that I believe it lead to me having to replace the trans last year (another reason I want to keep it going). Sometimes when these bells start going off, it puts the trans into limp mode and on that particular day it lead to the loss of 3rd gear. When I put a scanner on it (I have a bluetooth one), it usually reads that there are comm bus errors which does not help very much as I understand that most of the modules on this truck are in series with one another. Any ideas? Here's an example video or three: https://photos.app.goo.gl/0oqxF0kQ3NZwUEE42 https://photos.app.goo.gl/WU1itn62T4qZqI802 https://photos.app.goo.gl/mYa1Y24Wz48faZqt2 Thanks in advance! BigRic
  3. They argued that the modules are ECM-serialized once installed and that they have to start with the "most likely" component. I've opened a ticket with GM corporate, as I agree with you...
  4. An update to my October post - problem not fixed (and now $800 less rich). StabiliTrak, check suspension, dropping speedo and other problems are back again. Not often, and once it happens and truck is off for an hour or so, they clear by themselves. Not sure what to do next...
  5. Wondering if you ever found an answer to your problem? I've got the same issue on my 07' Avalanche. I'll get the dropping speedo, clicking door locks, hard shifting, StabiliTrak and ABS alerts. When I get to the dealer it's always a "generic communication bus" problem. No specific codes, so no specific module. The last visit we decided that the suspension module was the most likely cause, as it was the one responsible for many of the alarms. Apparently, it almost fell off in the mechanic's hand and now $700 later, it's started again (was okay for about 7 weeks or so). Once in a while, I'd get a "check suspension" alert, but it was rare. So the problem continues and I can't just keep replacing models as they're all coded to the ECM and not just swappable for testing (or so I'm told). Running out of steam on this... BigRic
  6. As an update to my original post. I ended up replacing the suspension control module this past week (as someone else noted). Was continuing to get this error (especially on really hot days) and a scanner would show a ton of erroneous "bus communication errors" with only one module showing an actual error (Suspension Control). We decided to start there as it's hard to nail these down with even one module, but at least that had an actual code. According to the mechanic, it nearly fell off the truck when replaced as it was so corroded! For the last 3 days I've had no errors (and when not getting the stabilitrak, traction control, ABS alerts and so on, I would almost always get "check suspension"... Hopeful that this was the final fix! Cost was about $790 dealer installed and reprogrammed.
  7. Can't see the video, but I'm wondering if it's the same as my 07 Avalanche (sounds like it). I get Stabilitrak, then speedo drops while driving, stabilitrack goes on, then check suspension, etc. Eventually, trans goes into limp mode and I had to replace it back in December following similar trend. Mechanic has been unable to find anything wrong. A scanner shows communication errors, basically the bus is dead. Scared to death to drive my otherwise excellent truck. Hoping someone can help! https://goo.gl/photos/R69ncc9AVX76bo94A
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