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  1. Check out theretrofitsource.com. I have the the smoked version and absolutely love them. Had a small issue of a hyperflash when the voltage dropped below 13. Called up the guys are TRS and they sent me updated load resistors and haven’t had a problem since. Those lights have a 10yr warranty(at least when I purchased them) and all the load resistors are built into the housing and don’t have to be placed externally like some other brands. Definitely well worth the money IMO
  2. For the "Fold In" and "Fold Out" command wires, are they just receiving a pulsed signal or a timed signal lasting the duration of the fold? Also, is the signal sent to these wires a positive, negative, or a reversing polarity? Will be preforming the DQS upgrade from the DL8 mirrors and want to be able to control when the folding happens and not link it to lock/unlock.
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