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  1. It's not the charging power that is the problem. The iPhone 8 plus is much larger than my old 6S that I replaced. It won't fit on the charger. I was hoping someone had already addressed the size difference problem. I don't really want to take the console apart and re-engineer a fix if that's already been done. I'm thinking someone (maybe me I guess) could modify or re-engineer #6 in the diagram below
  2. You're absolutely right. Although, it is kinda lame to have the technology I can't use. CarPlay works wirelessly in some applications. I was disapointed by GMC missing the boat on this as well. If I was going to abandon the wireless charger all together I'd want to replace the charger with something functional like a storage area or something. I guess I can keep it for any friends that have a compatible phone
  3. I'm using the iPhone 8 Plus. I was using the 6S with a charging case before and loved it.
  4. I just upgraded to one of these bigger phones and it doesn't fit on the OEM charger. Is there an aftermarket replacement or some kind of DYI fix? I'm in a 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali if that helps. As many of these vehicle and phone combinations we have out there, it would make sense there is a market for such a thing. I've tried searching google, youtube and this forum for my options. Please don't flame me if the solution is obvious. I probably just didn't use the correct search terms if it is out there. I'm thinking I need to find a 3D printer and make one myself.
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