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  1. My bad man. It was a new house to you and not a "new" house. Pretty cool though!
  2. They've come a long way with the Colorado's for sure! Good lookin truck man!
  3. Better than the pool that I don't have. Who the hell sells a new house with a pool that looks like that. I betcha Mike Holmes would've fixed that dude up for ya.
  4. I think most of the time when they have the Bose system the sub is typically under the center console. Given you don't have the full console it may be just behind the dash where the flip down cup holders are. Just a thought. And there should be an amp on that system and it's a crap-shoot as to where the heck they found to stash that thing.
  5. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like with all of the wraps taken off of it. Hopefully with the new body style coming out it'll have a better set of rear leaf springs that don't sound like the rear axle is fixing to roll out from underneath the truck when pulling into your driveway. Like others have said, the rounded wheel wells is a start! It'd be nice to be able to fit a bigger tire on these newer trucks without having to lift it so much in the future.
  6. I've got a 2016 Silverado Z71 Midnight and I wanna put a leveling kit on it but not sure what size tires I can do without changing the wheels. It came with factory black 20's and I like the look it gives the truck so not looking to change out the wheels. Any thoughts?? Obviously want to go bigger but don't also want to have to cut the inner wheel well just to make something fit.
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