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  1. Pictures of the dogs that protect your truck

    LOL my SNOW DOG is mine ""
  2. snow dog 7,5" made for half ton trucks and it is definitely more heavy duty than my last one the western 6,8" suburbanite I had on my 05 Colorado this would be a great plow for your truck as I only use it for my own driveway and used to do my daughters house to ,but now they have my old truck with the plow so mine will only be doing mine and the occasionally neighbors and to answer your ?? it goes on and off very easily ,better than my western , just goggle it and watch the video I took it off in less than two minutes and with the stand it comes with to keep it right where you took it off it went back on in less than five minutes I am very happy with it and it is faster up and down and tilt than the other one to , you might even find a used one on craigslist but I wanted a new one and got it on sale for $ 3,749.00 installed with a two year warranty, usually $3995.00
  3. What did you drive in High School?

    1958 Chevy impala convertible turquoise with white top ,348 cu, in, tri power , wish I had that one today ,
  4. I have owned a 2005 Colorado crew cab with a 6,8" western subearnite on it for seven years, and live just south south buffalo NY, I live in hamburg NY. ten miles south of buffalo and three years ago we got blasted with over seven foot of snow in twenty four hr, , and it did the job , gave the truck to my grandson and son in-law, last month and bought a 2015 Colorado crew cab with the v6, and put a brand new Snow Dog 7,5" on it and it handles it no problem so your 98 half ton would be no problem for sure, , picture is of my new Colorado with new Snow Dog 7,5" on it it will get some use tis week as they are calling for our first snow , I live in what they call the snow belt , and lake effect snow , bring it on I am readyt
  5. they are interchangeable I only got one with my 2015 Colorado I bought used last month ,they said the lot boys lost the other one so they paid for a new key but I had to provide the new remote so I bought one on e/bay in the chrome and it works perfect they payed to get it programed , I only paid thirty dollars for it with free shipping definitely better looking than the cheap black one that came with my 15 Colorado, just make sure if you order it from e/bay you check if it is compatible with your truck
  6. piicked up the Austin Healey /COBRA two years ago ,after I sold my 23T I built ,it was a 355 Chevy crate engine with a 4:10 possi Chevy ten bolt rear and I built it with a Muncie Rock crusher Close ratio four speed , it would pull the wheels off the ground in second gear ,wife was scared to ride in it so I sold her and bought the 65 AUSTIN , I do miss that 23T,,,
  7. I put my custom built Austin Healey /COBRA in my enclosed trailer for the winter, all chevy powered factory built classic from classic raodsters of Fargo North Dakoda, , what a fast ride , ,at only two thousand lbs, ,and my other hotrod is a 1940 Plymouth Coupe also chevy powered , take them to many shows and cruise nights in our area,
  8. ya I also don't have to rely on a one car family as I have the 2015 Colorado , a 2014 equinox all wheel drive for the winters and two sweet hot rods for the summer drives, a sweet 1940 Plymouth coupe all Chevy drive-line and a sweet 65 Austin Healey ?cobra built at classic roadsters of Fargo north Dakota also all Chevy drive line always dependable ,and blast to drive
  9. I would love to find a hood scoop like the one they have on them , I have some factory rims 17" on mine for the winter with aggressive tires on it I found on line tires and wheels for $400, great buy , and with the plow I put on mine will be great in the snow , I have the factory 18" black ones with the red stripe on them for my summer tires and rims ,I got the idea of the red rally stripe from the new 2018 Colorado redline edition they came out with this year was easy to do and sets it off nicely
  10. went with the 7,5" one not the six foot eight ,my old 05 had a six ft eight on it and it looked tiny on it ,it was a western subernite but wanted a stainless one on this new one and it was the seven foot five inch ,one I put on it they had both of them and after seeing it on the truck I am glad I went with it when you angle the six, foot eight inch it it would be narrower than the wheel track this truck is wider than the 05 , added the front leveler kit to make the truck sit level and it carries it perfect put four sand bags in rear of box and it worked out perfect , the snowdog is taller than the western and is more heavy duty , got it on sale for $3700 here"s a picture of my old 05 Colorado when we got dumped with seven foot of snow couple years back in two days ,,and that little truck did a great job so I know my new one will do even better
  11. bob viau

    Thanks glad I found the site ,looking to see some pictures in the photo section , I hated to see my 05 get traded inn on the new one so I kept it in the family and gave it to my daughter and son in-law he always did all my brakes and oil changes and felt it right to give it to them ,it is still in great shape and I had a plow on it over all the time I had it and gave it to them with the plow and they are happy to get it as we get plenty of snow here in Hamburg NY, ten minutes south of Buffalo so we get snow , and have to say better than any jeep I had with plows and never left me hung up , looking forward to my new one with new plow on it , LET IT SNOW I AM READY"" hope somebody on here has some info on some hood scoops I saw on a couple of pictures on here , thanks for the invite
  12. bob viau

    my new ride 2015 crew cab Z71
  13. bob viau

    had a 05 Colorado for eight years and loved the truck and came across a sweet deal on a 2015 came across this site and joinded my old one has 203,000 miles on it and runs like new so I gave it to my son in-law the body is also still in great shape had it oil treated when I first got it and plan to do new ride the same on this one to, will try to post some pictures of them , I put a level kit on it and some grapfx on the side and extra z71 emblems on it also saw the new black wheels on the new redline edition on the showroom floor and added the red line stripes to my wheels , looking for a nice hood scoop to add to the hood saw one on here that looks great hope I find out where he got it and will make it flat black , looking forward to checking out the site ,
  14. new to site saw some sweet hood scoops on some newer colorados that fit on the 15/16/? looking for some places to buy one from

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