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  1. I'd delete the resonator if you have the 5.3. The 5.3's arent as loud. Had a buddy with a 5.3 with pretty much the same Borla XR-1 but the 3" version, and it wasn tvery loud, even without the resonator.
  2. I just did the Borla XR-1 #40086 on a 2017 6.2. Removed the muffler and flapper but left the rear resonator intact. Sounds perfect. I did get an Range device to shut off AFM, so no drone at all! Still loud on cold starts and when you get on it, but pretty tame at cruising speeds.
  3. Any interest in the stock 6.2 muffler for your Corsa Sport? Mines a 2017. PM me if interested.
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