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  1. Ok. Thanks guys. I can rest assured now haha I was thinking it was a fuse or sensor. ????
  2. This doesn't make sense. Even under the image shows 2 circles...one as empty and one as full. But even this doesn't denote anything. If the image doesn't show fuel depletion, there is no point in having this. I'll try and dissect further. Thanks guys
  3. My Aunt was a service manager for 20 years for GM and she just told me it could be the sensor or cluster itself. Again...doesn't make sense if my wife's Equinox reads correctly.
  4. Hi Guys, I just bought a new 2017 Silverado and noticed the digital fuel gauge not showing full...I thought I'd wait until I hit a certain mileage to see if the engine needed to calibrate itself, but this is not the case. GM customer service said "it's normal and just a display..." But my wife has a 2013 Equinox and her digital image depletes as the fuel depletes (works as it should), so GM customer service has to be wrong here. Any guidance would help greatly! ? Attached is a photo I took immediately after fill up. Cheers Gents
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