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  1. Hey, im new to the forum and have a couple questions. I have a 2008 duramax hd 2500. 175,000 km. (110,000 miles) It started giving me a few non critical signs a few months ago. Lately it has been getting into more critical. 1. The clock resets when i start the truck. 3 agomonths 2. The door locked when i was away from the truck and the key was in the ignition 1 month ago 3. The heater on drivers side was luke warm and the passenger is hot. 2 weeks ago 4. When i turn key on it starts to fire then goes completely dead, (no clicking like the battery is dead) and i kept the key engaged then started fireing again. Did this 3-4 times then started. 1 week ago I had it to the local mechanics shop and they checked fuses cables and grounds. cleaned grounds and it still has the same issue. They put it on there diagnostic tool and could control all the parts for the heater but it still wouldn't blow warm. I have read forums about gas engines doing funky stuff and it ends up being a door sensor screwing things up. Is there something like that out there with the duramax. Thanks for the help!

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