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  1. is that ball joint set into the spindle all the way? Looks like quite a bit of the pin is still showing, is that correct fitment?
  2. Nissan Titan just released their revamped 2020. RED TOW HOOKS ALSO.......
  3. I'm located in Houston, TX. I was hoping for $1400 for both. Exhaust is new in the box, hasn't even been open. The intake has been installed for about 2 months. Everything that came in the box when new is available, never used the zip ties.
  4. I have the intake, didn't see or feel any performance increase I did however hear the difference, but with an exhaust it will cancel out the intake sound...... I haven't had dealer reflash it, but I'm taking it off and hopefully selling it next week. For exhaust I just swapped out my muffler, that I kind of felt but it wasn't a night and day difference. I have a new GM performance exhaust that I'm undecided about installing. I'll probably be selling both.......
  5. Just ordered my enclosure(hopefully similar to whats pictured), subs, amp, and plug and play harness...... hope to have it all within a couple weeks to get the install done. For the time being only adding subs to an AT4 with Bose system.
  6. Already have that product.... it's my eyes.....
  7. correct, not like the previous version that had the rail/lock piece screwed onto the tailgate.
  8. Had to removed my assist handle. Tailgate opens and closes regardless of position of bed cover, same for bed cover, it will open or close regardless if tailgate is open or closed.
  9. I'm looking into this kit, in the instructions it looks like it all goes together with out gaps. I'm having some difficulties understanding/picturing what you are describing.
  10. I have the Roll-n-Lock, and have no complaints, was easy to install, and no drilling required unless you want to drill into the bed for the drain lines. If you were near Houston, TX I'd make you a deal on it as now I changed my mind and want a SnugTop......
  11. https://s3.amazonaws.com/roughcountry/install/921217000A.pdf
  12. Someone verified they do bolt in, but with the Bilstein set at the max lift option it actually dropped the height instead of lifting it.
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