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  1. BUT I SAID "KINDLY"...... thanks for the story and the "good luck" wishes though......
  2. It's buy or purchase, not bought..... Now that this is settled and you're not interested, as i stated before kindly F/O.....✌?
  3. My price is still $115 cheaper than what you're posting... So if you want to come check it out let me know, being we're both local.... if not kindly F/O......
  4. If you're trying to help, post the full details with shipping quote from your helpful screenshot..... ?
  5. If you're willing to take a chance with shipping I can ship it. Paypal friends and family only. I have sold to people on this forum who can vouch for me.
  6. ****NEW IN THE BOX**** Part number: 19417163 I can ship, but only PayPal friends and family. I've sold items to members on this forum. Can provide reference if necessary. For Houston and surrounding areas, I'm willing to drive within reason. BED COVER SOLD....
  7. What exactly are they claiming was installed incorrectly by the shop? It's funny how RoughCountry's 3.5" lift comes with upper control arms, but they're 2" level specifically for TB/AT4 which would stretch lift to 4" doesn't. This is the second time in the past couple weeks that I have heard of an upper balljoint failure. Not gonna lie, driving to work this morning I thought about it and it made me nervous. I didn't go the spacer route for my level, I used FabTech 3.5" coilovers and upper control arms, but I'm still uneasy.
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