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  1. I was looking into getting them as well but like you stated they don't hide as well compared to the previous gen trucks. Ended up just getting regular steps. If i were lifted I would have opted for the XL steps to conceal them better but think on a stock truck they would deploy to low.
  2. New in the box wheel to wheel running boards. P/N 84126245 Located in Houston, TX $400 local $475 shipped Paypal FF only, I have past transactions with forum members if reference needed.
  3. Oh ok.... thanks....... I'll take it all off and go back to stock, what was I thinking?!?!?!?! I'll just buy a stadium truck next time so "i CaN OfFrOaD"
  4. Thanks.... Yeah, as I typed that out I thought "damn, I've dropped some coin on this crap" Didn't purchase it all at once, just worked a little overtime here and there as I decided I wanted.
  5. 1. Roll N Lock bed cover, yes tailgate still drops on its own with cover closed. 2. FabTech 1.5" level with DirtLogic 2.5 front coilovers, rear 2.25 shocks. 3. MotoMetal Folsom 22x10 -18 33x12.50x22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, rubs a little on mud flap 4. Custom sub enclosure by MTI acoustics, 2 JLaudio 12tw3,JLaudio RD1000/1, plug and play harness with an LC2I to get my remote and sub signal. 5. RotoFab intake 6. GM performance exhaust
  6. the re-cal is included in the price of the intake..... On a side note, I have a new in the box GM intake for the 2019+ 6.2......
  7. They also scuff up easy.... paint is thin and chips easy. Was thinking about coating them also. Made in China quality for a part that is actually made in China......
  8. A little overkill, but I went this route. FabTech 1.5 level, Dirt Logic coilovers, and upper control arms.
  9. What kit did you use? My AT4 is currently at the shop having Fabtech 1.5" installed.
  10. is it during rolling, dips, or bumps.... a little more details. Maybe loose strut mount hardware, either upper or lower. Not to much is messed with during install so tracking down issue should be easy, unless kit caused new problem.
  11. A little more work being done today.... dropped off at 4wheelparts for the install. Fabtech level for AT4.
  12. A little work done this weekend..... MTI acoustics box, 2 JL 12TW3, and JL Rd1000/1. Installed using plug and play harness from John ([email protected]).
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