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  1. ****ALL PARTS ARE NEW IN BOX**** Not looking to ship at the moment. Houston and surrounding areas, willing to drive within reason. Chevrolet Silverado Floor liners, for crew cab with no center console. part number 84333635 & 84333606 front and rear liners. $120 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra folding bed cover part number# 84786353. $750
  2. What exactly are they claiming was installed incorrectly by the shop? It's funny how RoughCountry's 3.5" lift comes with upper control arms, but they're 2" level specifically for TB/AT4 which would stretch lift to 4" doesn't. This is the second time in the past couple weeks that I have heard of an upper balljoint failure. Not gonna lie, driving to work this morning I thought about it and it made me nervous. I didn't go the spacer route for my level, I used FabTech 3.5" coilovers and upper control arms, but I'm still uneasy.
  3. just spin the mounting pad within the bushing, not easy but it can be spun.
  4. I'm in Houston and have a set for sale, but not for $250..... PM if interested.
  5. Had some rubbing, a little minor trimming on mud flaps took care of it. The front is lifted 1.5" over stock using FabTech DirtLogic coilovers, the rear is stock height also using DirtLogic shocks. Kit also included Fabtech upper control arms.
  6. 18x9 +1 Fuel Shok 295-70-18 Falken Wildpeak AT3
  7. DirtLogic 3.5" coilovers front, stock height rear, Fabtech upper control arms.
  8. I went through 4wheelparts for parts and install.
  9. Slapped some new wheels and tires on.... off with the 22s on with the 18s.....
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply.... I have them installed on a stock AT4, these added 1.5 of lift to the front and I kept the rear stock height just swapped out shocks. The ride is definitely better, it doesn't feel like riding around on marshmallow suspension anymore. The ride firmed up and had less body roll. This was running 22x10 on 33x12.50x22, ride wasn't rough but a little firm. Just recently swapped to 18x9 and 295x70x18, the ride was a little softer due do more side wall but the planted feel of the truck remained.
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