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  1. May have to do with your BCM. I would love to have the auto up feature for the rear windows but Im not sure if thats possible either.
  2. Ive got some and Im located in Greenville NC. Were taken off the truck almost immediately for amp steps to accommodate a lift kit. Asking $1000
  3. All of you replied yet none of you have an answer or even close to a response to his question. He didn't ask for criticism nor anything else negative. If he wants to purposefully blow his engine up thats his own issue. I do not think however, that blowing his engine up is his goal. He simply just wants the truck to be able to rev past 3k so he can hear (assuming he has exhaust) his truck. Nothing wrong with that especially if he doesn't do it often. To answer his question though, maybe someone like Edge has something similar to the Pulsar who can remove the rev limiter like the speed limiter. I haven't really looked for anything specific but thats where I'd start.
  4. How much? I am interested in adding another illuminated emblem on my tailgate.
  5. Would it be possible to switch grills with an elevation? They come stock with a black grill. An issue I could see with that though is you have the technology package and the camera upfront could interfere with that.
  6. https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-finishing-caps This site seems to have a solution that should look OEM. Not much on the reviews but this has been all I could find.
  7. Any chance that someone has messed around with this?
  8. I cant really tell a difference between the carbon and onyx black. Can anyone else tell a difference?
  9. An easy fix is to order some LED's from someone like Lasfit. You can replace the reverse lights, as well as license plate lights for about $40 total. Only takes about 10 minutes to pop out and pop in.
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