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  1. Try looking into Boost Auto Parts https://boostautoparts.com/collections/gm-lighting-and-accessories
  2. I just installed my Boost Fog Light modification and it takes about 10 minutes. Hardest part is separating the wires for the tap. I also called Boost and they told me since my vehicle has the Auto High Beam feature, I will retain this feature and my foglight will remain on too. If I recall it was like $20 and money well spent.
  3. I also just ordered the harness from Boost. It should arrive late this week and I hope to install it next weekend.
  4. I also changed my oil in my 5.3 at 1,000 miles for basically the same reasons. I'm sure you will hear numerous opinions about the pros/cons of the oil change, but I changed my oil anyway. It was small amount and worth the peace of mind. In short it's your truck and do what you think is best.
  5. I just ordered the Short Bed Embark LS retractable Tonneau Cover by Advantage (Same as the RetraxPRO XR, but made for GM) - Associated AccessoriesShort Bed Embark LS retractable Tonneau Cover by Advantage - Associated Accessories for the GM Accessories website. I paid $1,687.94 with shipping, sales tax, and installation to my local dealer. Note there is a 25% discount through January 6, 2021 using the website and retail on this cover is $1,929. Once I get it installed, I'll post pictures for everyone.
  6. Thank you for the link, I just bought my bulbs. Curious was it easier to reach the bulbs from the hood or underneath?
  7. I have a 2020 Silverado LTZ and I am wondering if any of you have located or exchanged the crappy bulbs from the visor to LEDs. If you have can you please let me know they turned out as well as where you got the LED bulbs. I did search the forum, but I didn't locate anyone who had made the change. Thank you for your assistance. Bryan Klingele
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