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  1. http://www.myplantdr.com/yard-and-garage/diy-restoring-of-corroded-aluminum-wheels-and-rims/
  2. Llanfear, the dealer gave me a quote on a new 2018 with 6 liter gas for 74k, but, I’m still not convinced it’s the filter, but just a tactic to get me to upgrade, I was going to until they took 5k off the trade in, price to fix my truck, now what to do pay 5k to fix or trade it? thinking about deleting and tune for less than 2k as the truck is in great shape, runs great except for the SCR emission problem.
  3. Grizzly, what delete kit and tune did you use? And did you have issues after installing it? Thanks for your reply.
  4. The warranty has timed out but not on mileage and the problems are getting costly, had the truck into the dealer for “service emission system” flashing on the DIC, and the check engine light on, the code was P2202 nox sensor #1, the dealer changed it out and ran a regen then a reductant fluid test RFQT and it wouldn’t pass, so the tech changed nox sensor #2, did another RFQT and it still didn’t pass, then did a second regen, so now they want to replace the DPF because they say it’s plugged, my question to the tech was, why didn’t the tech2 show that on the first diagnosis, he said he couldn’t because there was no fault code for that, so, I’m thinking they are just pushing parts on me, or are they correct when they say they couldn’t tell the DPF is plugged? The truck ran fine lots of power as usual, 125000km on it 2/3 of that is highway driving, so the regents were happening, as the tech2 showed there was one done about 300km before I took it in, they also changed out the DEF fluid to be sure it wasn’t expired, but I had put 20 litres in before the last trip. I’m not convinced it’s a plugged filter, anyone know what else could be keeping the RFQT from passing?
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