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  1. I upgraded my 2015 GMC Sierra with a vehicle specific stereo from Kicker (PSIEXT14). I was impressed. It improved the stereo beyond my expectations. I probably would have been happy with Bose if it came with the vehicle but tossing out the stock receiver and speakers and starting from scratch didn’t seem like the right approach for me. I’m not the guy who wants to change each channel of the stereo equalizer every time a new song starts. That said, I occasionally want to be able to crank it up and I don’t want to be disappointed by crackling speakers and obvious poor sound quality. One blog I read talked about poor quality caused by under powered speakers and poor output signal. So I was intrigued by Kickers’ approach of adding power to the existing speakers and digitally cleaning up the signal to the speakers. I had to get over the fact that the 10” subwoofer would take away storage under the back seat, especially since there is not much to begin with. Now that I can listen a nice stereo, I would spend the $1,250 and give up the space again. The stereo sounds great and will not distort, even max volume. The 10” subwoofer is not going to shake the walls of your neighbor’s house across the street but it does shake the rear view mirror, and the rear end of anyone who sits in the rear passenger seat. I liked that the kit used factory connectors so I didn’t have to cut or splice any wires, and the fact the system is pretuned for my vehicle. I just wired it up. There is a way to adjust bass, treble etc. levels in the menu but not exhaustive options. The kit includes: fits 2014-16 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Double Cab pickup with basic sound system package includes: digital signal processor with built-in 4-channel amplifier processor features pre-set high-pass filters, EQs, and speaker time alignment amplifier: 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms vehicle-specific harness connects processor to factory stereo VSS Substage custom-fit powered subwoofer molded plastic enclosure fits under rear seat 10" round subwoofer 200 watts RMS sub amp all power and signal wiring pre-cut and terminated, ready for installation custom-engineered processor/amp mounting bracket illustrated installation and setup instructions warranty: 1 year Our 60-day money-back guarantee I hope this helps. My only worry now is loss of hearing.
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