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  1. OK here's an update... I have replaced the catalytic converters, all 4 o2 sensors.. the evap solenoid, cleaned the throttle body, cleaned maf sensor... I replaced the intake plenum gaskets and the oil valley gasket while I was there... It keeps giving me the stupid P0420 code.. now I am lost. Also the evap system will not ready, and I've read it's a PITA to get it to ready up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Txtab: I swapped all old o2 sensors to the new pipe. I know it's not the best thing to do, but I don't want my dad to spend tons of money. I eventually replaced bank 2 sensor 1 and I replaced bank 1 sensor 2 which had the high voltage. I cleared the codes, drove the truck for 25min no CEL popped up. So we'll see I guess. Carnau: I will be heading back over to his house soon, I will check those fuses and let you know anything I find.
  3. OK, so I'm trying to fix my dads truck so it can pass emissions. He has a 2008 GMC Sierra 4.8 1500... We bought a scanner tool to make things easier. But it's throwing out codes like candy on Halloween.. at the present time I have replaced the EVAP canister, I have replaced a bank 2 sensor 1 o2 sensor. I have replaced the whole down pipe with new Walker catalytic converters, I have cleaned the throttle body and MAF sensor.. Now after I installed the new Y pipe with converters it threw these codes at me: P0138 P2273 P2270 P2271 Can anyone help me please, I have the end of next week to solve this nightmare.... please note: I have only replaced bank 2 sensor 1....

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