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  1. Josephs 1999 Z71 Truck O DOOM!!!

    Sorry have been on vacation so no work on it right now, might have to wait until after the holidays. No rust at all thankfully. It is a truck that has spent all of its life in Phoenix AZ.
  2. Josephs 1999 Z71 Truck O DOOM!!!

    As you can see from the pictures, stupid tails lights and turn indicators, and no heater hoses.
  3. Josephs 1999 Z71 Truck O DOOM!!!

  4. Josephs 1999 Z71 Truck O DOOM!!!

    Good Morning, So here is what I have, and what I want to do with it, Pictures will be posted once I am done at work) 1999 Silverado Z71 4x4 with 150,000 miles on it. I am the second owner, the first owner used this truck to pull a racing boat. I am going to divide this into what I know has been done, what I have done, what needs to be done, and what I would like to have done to it. Specs: 1999 Z71 4x4 (fully loaded for 1999) 150,000 miles 5.3L There is a transmission and a transfer case (transfer case is iffy) Something odd and I think it was a dealer add-on. Intimidator Graphics (worn) and a billet grill, I am still researching this because the little blurb I found was a cosmetic package All Electronics work What I know has been done: Custom Exhaust (sounds great) Customer Headers Cold Air Intake Shift Kit New Radiator with 2 electric fans Stupid clear/chrome tail lights Stupid Clear turn indicators on the front Snugtop, but no bed liner Running Boards What I have done: Cry Curse Drink Brake Job all the way around, it was desperately needed, truck was very unsafe with what it had on it Rear Diff (Someone put the wrong gear oil in it many moons ago and destroyed it) Transfer Case: Flushed transfer case of the gear oil that was in it, inspected and put transmission fluid in. Pin hole leak from the oil plate thing, covered with JB Weld to keep all the fluids in. I am not using 4x4 right now so it should hold for a bit. Internals looks good though. Fuel Pump Fixed oil leak on the oil cooler adapter Changed Oil Added Gas What I know needs to be done: Back half of transfer case Remove shift kit Front end. ALL OF IT New Shocks Heater Core (redo heater hoses as they have been re-routed....) Tires (eventually) Fix the leather seat where it has come apart at the seam Flush radiator (might not need it but better safe than sorry) What I would like to do: Choke the SOB that lied to me about the truck Replace factory Stereo/Speakers Replace stupid Chrome/Clear tail lights Replace clear turn indicators on the front (I have those, just need to do it) So there it is, will have some photos up tonight for it and I will try to keep track of what is done and document it all for your reading pleasure. Knowing how I work there will probably be some pretty good failures on it. I do plan to do most of the work myself, but, because this will be out of my garage and the truck has to stay mobile it will be a little bit at a time, and I know that there is some stuff I wont be able to do so it will probably spend a bit of time in a shop as well. Have a Great Day!!!
  5. New guy here

    Good Morning, Thought I would introduce myself because it looks like I am going to spend some time on the forums with what will probably be really stupid questions. My name is Joseph and I own a 1999 Silverado Z71 4x4, I am also a network admin and a photographer (So look for saucy pics of me and my truck in the photography sub-forum)(No, dont look for them it will not be pretty) I currently live in Phoenix AZ and will start a build thread as the truck I do have was sold to me with a bunch of issues that were not disclosed, so there is work to be done. I hope you all have a Great Day!!!
  6. Thank you everyone, I disconnected the sensor and pretty much no change, so not sure if I will also need to replace the sensor, but I will have to bite the bullet and rebuild the front end of it I think.
  7. Fuel gauge always shows empty

    Possilbe fuel pump and sending unit, just had this issue with mine and replaced the entire assembly, $170 bucks and a friend to help me get the bed off and it is working correctly now.
  8. Good Afternoon, I have a 1999 Chevy 1500 Z71 (I will post in the build forum as well as I continue to work on it). It has turned into a bit of a project truck but there is something that I am having an issues diagnosing. At lower speeds, say up to 20MPH the steering is normal, feels good ect, after that the steering wheel develops a lot of play, as in an inch or more. I have been told bushings, then a steering rack, power steering, control arms ect. I am hoping to narrow it down though. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I hope you all have a Great Day and Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow.

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