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  1. 99-02 bodystyles had a separate belt for the a.c. for the 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0. I'm sure the 03-06 and 07 classic used the same setup. And that's probably what I'm gonna do if I don't just take the whole thing off (which I have to do anyway).
  2. The compressor on my 2500hd went out and I'm looking to replace it asap (Florida heat without a.c. in a black truck is hell). But its been brought to my attention that apparently there are 2 different models used for the 2002 model year trucks since GM switched it up. My truck was made 6/02. Anyone know which compressor was used during this time so I don't go buy the wrong one? Google searches haven't yielded any straight answers.
  3. I'm assuming the tape deck in my center console was disconnected at some point before I bought my truck, because it has never worked and it already had an aftermarket head unit installed at the time of purchase. I now have a newer one, with Bluetooth and aux abilities, but I was wondering if there would be a way for me to get the cassette player working again. I'm just nostalgic and think it would be cool to have one working, plus I got alot of Alan Jackson and Patsy Cline tapes I'd like to listen to
  4. (Skip to the end if you don't feel like reading this long drawn out post ) I have an 02 2500hd and it came with fog lights from the factory. Ive since replaced the housings because they were shot and the lenses were gone. I swapped my factory headlights with HIDs and new housings and I've been fighting an uphill battle trying to find a quality HID kit for the fog lights to match that'll last longer than 6 months. The factory pigtail on these trucks takes an 880 fog light bulb. I'm sure some people on here will know that the 880 halogen is junk when it comes to functionality. I was at O'Reilly's the other day and was looking at their fog light bulbs and noticed the H11 bulb socket lines up with the 880 pigtail. Only thing different on them is the plastic tabs to hold them in place are different. With a little modification and some electrical tape I'm sure I could make the H11s fit properly (I bought one and plugged it in and yes it lit up just fine). But I was thinking about the idea of cutting off the 880 pigtails and connecting some H11 pigtails in their place. I did the same thing to my DRL sockets cause they were burnt out and they work just fine over a year later with white LEDs instead of halogens. Reason I'm wanting to convert to H11 pigtails is cause I finally found a site with a quality LED bulb that will match my headlights. But the only one that will put down enough light on the road between their 880 and H11 is the H11. I believe their H11 is something like 2000 lumens (give or take) whereas their 880 only puts out some 800ish lumens. Also if I'm not mistaken the 03-06 silverados used the H11 bulbs for their fog lights so I would assume the H11 pigtails should work on my 02 as long as their systems are the same. So would anyone on here with better automotive electrical experience be able to tell me if converting my 880 pigtails to H11 work properly?
  5. I bought my Silverado 3 years ago bone stock. Its a black CCSB LT with a tan leather interior and its got a 6.0L w/ 4x4. Being a stupid 19 yr old, my first 3 mods were the least intelligent of course. -Plastidipped chrome parts on grille & bumper -cut off exhaust before muffler -leveling keys -replaced ambient light sensor for the DRLs cause it hadn't worked since I got the truck -new DRL sockets and halogen bulbs I eventually took the plastidip off and lowered the maxed out keys so it would ride somewhat better, but I still managed to rag out my front end . Then came the other mods: -power towing mirrors (yes, I do occasionally haul stuff) -6k LEDs for the DRLs -aftermarket headlight housings and oem fog light housings -6k HIDs in the lo beams -cheap amazon 6k leds for the fogs that didn't last 3 weeks -red LEDs for the DRLs -285/65/18 Cooper STT Pros (33x12.50ish) & 18x10 -24mm black & milled Moto Metal 962s -tinted LED tail lights -LED reverse lights, LED cargo light, & license plate lights -another set of oem fog housings cause they're crappy quality plastic that gets moisture behind the lens -8k HIDs in the lo beams and fogs -LED swapped interior lights (red in the floorboard and in the back door courtesy lights & white in the map lights and dome light) -switched back to white LEDs for the DRLs, got tired of always worrying about cops -tossed the leveling keys and bought a Zone 3" UCA lift with Nitrogen shocks -Tinted marker light housings -yet again, new fog housings and 8k HIDs cause the old ones burned out...again -2 6" Kickers for the front doors since my speakers went out shortly after I cut my exhaust (of course ). Only the tweeters worked and just barely so. And so far that's pretty much it. Nothing special as of now, although the ol girl does look pretty good lol. Here's a to-do list for the future if I don't end up selling it and getting a Duramax: -new pioneer head unit, the aftermarket one in it now is ancient -speakers for the back doors and 2 12s under the back seat -tint -5" lift for the front. I believe McGaughys makes one though I could be wrong. -2"-3" springs for the back, I don't like lift blocks. And no I dont want my truck to squat, I'd like for the back to sit either level with the front or 1/2"-1" lower. I want it to be barely noticeable -35x12.50s & 20x12s -probably gonna re-gear to 4:56s so I don't put too much strain on the drivetrain, my 4:10s are ok but I think the 4:56s would hold up better -aaand finally something I am very interested in: turbocharger w/ 80# injectors and a better fuel pump. -MAYBE, and that's a big maybe, I'll end up getting my 4l80e built depending on what I find out when the time comes closer to the turbo install.
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