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  1. at least ill have the chance to do that now. Thank you just wanted to make sure
  2. i have a tuner was wondering if anything needed to be done after the delete or what to watch for
  3. Looking for a basic needs to know for what to expect and what i need to do following the delete. I could not find much so if anyone could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
  4. The tick drives me crazy when I walk around truck to get in it. Or in a drive through.
  5. Im currently running Rancho quick lift 2" struts with a 1/2" level spacer on top. The ride is pretty terrible bounces bad. My question is could it be from the level spacer? ive ran the quick lifts on a couple other vehicles with out and issue, the shop doing the work doesnt seem to think a 1/2 inch spacer would not call the bounce. I contacted rancho, and they sent new struts and im dropping the truck off in the morning to have new struts put on, and not sure if i should have them go ahead and put the spacer on or not.
  6. Don’t think I’m new. Posted with old 14. New truck 275/60 20r terra tracs. Rancho quick lift with 1/2” mofo fab spacer. Probably taking off soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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