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  1. Nice ride! I will hook my trailer up when I dont freeze my ass off lol
  2. Thanks everyone I went ahead and bought 2017 1500 Lt!
  3. Highway 5 in British Columbia is the road I travel camping. Also known as the highway through he'll.
  4. Thank you!we live in British Columbia would love to tour the southern states
  5. Yes I have the wd hitch already was worried about the gears in the axle for towing up long hills. Also how is the fuel mileage
  6. Hi guys new here and I'm looking at replacing my 2010 f150 supercrew4x4 xlt. I'm looking at the 2018 sierra 1500 with5.6 and 3.42 gears. I have to tow a travel trailer wet weight (loaded) is about 7600. Gmc is rated 9800 lbs. Will it tow my trailer the same as the ford or worse? I have to haulmy travel trailer up the highway through hell. Don't wanna be one of those broke down on the sode of the road.thanks in advance
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