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  1. Have had the new bowties painted and ready for some time. Replaced front bowtie in the cold. Weather finally cooperated, so rear bowtie got replaced, lettering and Z71 decals got removed. Perfect day, hoodie temperature and sun not beating me down.
  2. Gear selector +/- selector

    Agreed. Same here. I find the wipers going back and forth extremely annoying. I get even more annoyed riding with someone and they have crappy wipers they keep running. I actually bought a set of wiper blades for a coworker that I rode with often because his were driving me insane,😄
  3. Defrost not selectable

    Was at the dealer today for oil change and mentioned this issue since I have an extended warranty. I can never get it to fail when I want it to, but figured why not bring it up. Told me that the tech did get it to act up and not do what he wanted it to do manually. Said buttons would randomly stick, so new control head is on order and will be replaced under warranty when it comes in.
  4. That’s the problem with forums. You can go to any forum for any manufacturer or vehicle and be led to believe every one of them is a POS. People are going to post about problems. And forums are great for that when you are experiencing an issue. When you consider the amount of negative posts, compared to the number of vehicles on the road, things are not bad. Or at least normal and comparable to any other vehicle.
  5. 2015 1500 LT. I looked but did not see this issue anywhere else on the forum. This happened a couple times, the latest being today. Cold, snowy day here. After driving for a while with the climate control in auto, windows start to fog a little on the inside. Tried to manually select defrost but could not. I could select vent, vent/floor, or floor. But no combination of button pushing would successfully select defrost, or defrost/floor. After turning truck off and restarting I was able to select whatever I wanted. Anyone else ever see this? What was the fix?

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