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  1. GM Pickup with a Console Shifter ?

    I don't think GM will ever offer a traditional console shifter. GM trucks have been column shifters because GM wants to keep the console free for your junk. The 2019 Silverado will still only have a column shifter available. 2019 Ram has gone for a dial/knob shifter mainly for space savings. My 2500 is the first column shift vehicle I've owned since high school. It definitely sort of just 'feels' more right than the console in a truck. But overall, I'm fairly indifferent and it doesn't make any real difference to me. I'm more focused on the mechanicals of the truck.
  2. What would you do?

    I ended up purchasing the Rostra system for the front camera. Going to install myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet--needing it less than I thought I would so far. Being that it'll be easier to install in the spring, I may just hold off until then. Will try to remember to report back here some day with my experiences with the Rostra system. I didn't get the side cameras though since I didn't feel a need for them. Just the front camera and trailer camera.
  3. Agreed. This makes a huge difference. If I'm driving around the city with the street lights, I don't need to dim it. But get on darker roads and turning the dash lights down all the way really helps. Personally, that's my theory as to why even though headlights are better than ever before, you still will find countless people complaining about 'poor headlight design' regardless of the vehicle make/model... We have so many more screens and LED's in the cars now and I don't think the majority of people turn them down. In my last truck, I could dim the gauge cluster with a dial, but had to try to get into a menu while driving to dim the infotainment screen. Really like how the Chevy gives you a dial for all the dash lights. If you don't regularly dim your dash lights while driving at night, give it a try sometime! I've read that for long distance night vision, light in the foreground tends to be detrimental. I know if you have super bright fogs, it'll make your low beams seem really weak... Could be something similar going on with the dash lighting.
  4. I'd be worried about them trapping water in them. I bought some frame plugs for my SXS and while they never popped off, I did decide to pull one after a few rides--full of water. So were the others. I'd think the water being trapped inside the frame would be worse than water getting in there and drying out eventually, right?
  5. General Grabber Arctic LT

    I'm running Nokian Hakkapillita LT studded tires on a dedicated set of rims. Studs are the only way to go this far up North in the winter--especially when the state and city no longer has money to plow the roads. I also tow in the winter, so I want all the help I can get. I might try a set of Cooper studded m/s tires next. Maaaaybe try the blizzaks (if they have a strong enough tire for our trucks?) next since the studs just kinda suck on dry pavement. Most of the roads are ice most of the time... But not all of them all the time in the winter.. I've been running dedicated studs on my past several vehicles. Have tried Firestone, Nokian, General Tire, and Hankook so far. The Nokians have been the best of the bunch that I've tried on various vehicles. I've always had a dedicated set of winter tires--usually mounted on rims. Makes life easier until you start thinking about lifting the truck, lol.
  6. 2018 2500 GMC, Terrible

    Absolutely a great point. I was thinking about that when going through that. I did indeed want to verify it wasn't a deeper problem with the charging or electrical systems. Funny how I forgot that after the fact after some frustration with some other 'features' in the truck I didn't discover until a few weeks later. Goes to show that once you let an issue frustrate you, you can lose focus and forget to think about a situation rationally sometimes. I admit if they had just simply given me the battery and then the same thing happened the next day, I would have only blamed myself unless I had wanted them to do a longer diagnostic and they had pushed back. I had expressed to the dealer before coming in for the battery that I wanted to be in & out as soon as possible, but was treated like a walk-in. Frustrating, but as you said, there was a benefit and it could have been worse; what can you do. OP's main issue sucks and the other complaint is a documented 'issue'. Only fix would be as per newdude's post: dealer can compare to another unit and if his is significantly worse, they can replace under warranty. If not, he's on his own to fix it some other way (halogen conversion? Projector swap? Housing swap? More detailed analysis of the issue himself than the dealer is willing to do to determine a fix?). But I definitely agree OP, what the dealer pulled with the bedliner was BS! That is just not acceptable. Not worthy of your business again. If you can, take the truck to another dealer for the lights; forget that issue with this dealer. Just get the radiator fixed and then put them in your rearview mirror. I vote just get it taken care of through a quicker means (like suggested above by myself and other members). Just trying to point out that I think there's better ways to spend your time than trying to get a lawyer involved and fighting that fight. The issues truly are minor from what you've described. Money can be replaced; time can not. And unless there's no other dealer that's not significantly further away, then there is a more efficient path. Anyway, just my 2 cents...
  7. 2018 2500 GMC, Terrible

    OP, here's what I'd do: -Get the radiator replaced. That'll end this problem for good. I'd recommend pushing through with the current dealership. -Get your truck back and never go back to that dealership. Work to find a dealer you know you can trust, or do everything yourself if it's not a warranty claim. Really does not need to be any more complicated than that. Sadly, this is just the way the world is.. Businesses have a hard time keeping good employees because they can't pay them the wages they deserve, so they rightfully move on, which adds to the high turnover rate in service departments allowing for a service department to go from great to shit in a few years. I have the Silverado with halogen lights, so I can't comment on the bouncing lights and am not sure how bad it really is. But I would think if you had the lights retrofitted for a different projector & bulb combo, it should get rid of that. Sucks that you have to fix design flaws right away on your own. And you're right that GM engineering is lacking compared to some of their competitors and their customer service from a corporate level is definitely lacking. You're just not a priority anymore to them once they make their sale. GM sells to the masses who will buy their cars regardless of if Steve decides to never buy another GM because Tom will decide he's never gonna own another Ford tomorrow. Other brands with less volume rely more heavily on repeat customers, and are likely to have more of a customer-first corporate policy. I came from a Toyota and the engineering and customer service is definitely behind Toyota. Sad to see, but I'm trying to make the best of it. Regardless of the brand, I hate spending time in the dealership for any reason, so I'm just trying to minimize any reason I have to go into the dealer--if I can fix it in my garage in less than 3 hours, I'll just do it myself in my spare time. Anything much more and it'll go to the dealer for warranty. If it's a part I need under $50, I'm very likely to just buy it, replace it, and not bother with warranty. Under $100...well, I still lose potentially $500 in lost income from having to have my truck sit in the shop for 2 hours... More cost-effective to just buy the part and swap it myself in less than an hour. (When's the last time you ever took a vehicle in for a 60 minute job and it took less than 120 minutes?) I'm starting to think that since GM's official corporate policy is, "Collect $$ from customer, bend them over backwards if they come back, ????, profit.", that their service advisers need to be told how to do their jobs--they're clearly not trained on customer service and clearly do not operate with a customer-first mindset... My first experience with lackluster GM service was less than a week after buying my loaded 2500 LTZ...battery died just sitting overnight in the garage. Ok, fine, I see from the build sticker it definitely sat on the lot for a few months and it's the 6.0 gasser in a lux trim, so it probably didn't get driven much. No big deal...just swap the battery in 10 minutes and I'm back truckin', right? WRONG... It took three hours because I was kept in the dark about what they were actually doing with my truck and by the time I found out that they were so brainless as to blindly follow the GM warranty procedure without applying any context to the situation, it was too late for me to step in and take care of business. They followed the instructions to the letter and tested the battery for an hour instead of putting a new battery in and sending me on my way while they tested it. I hadn't even had this $60k truck a week and they didn't even think twice about making me wait for the entire f'ing procedure. And then to top it off, they didn't bother having the new battery brought across town until AFTER they had done a full test on the old one and confirmed without a doubt it was bad. By the time I found out I was being lead through this goat-rope, it was too late and all I could do was wait longer. But that kind of blew my mind they'd rather make the buyer of a BRAND NEW expensive truck sit in their service area for hours to replace a simple battery than just hand me a new one, send me on my way, and then deal with the warranty replacement on their own time... I mean, it's a BATTERY... So I guess next time, I need to tell the service advisers how to provide proper customer support to me... I have a limited customer service component to my job, so I'm confident I can politely instruct them on how to do their jobs... Just ridiculous... But again, just like everything else in this world...give someone an inch, and they'll take a mile. I gave my dealership an inch by allowing them to just do their own thing the first time to see how they did... They took a mile by not remotely caring about my situation. Always, always gotta be on the lookout for #1... That's why whenever I get lucky enough to find a shop/store that will go above and beyond for me, I try to use them as much as possible and send as much business as possible their way. Pretty pathetic though when the shop I paid $800 for SXS tires made me the offer of, 'If you ever puncture one of these, just bring it to me, I'll give you a new one off the shelf, and I'll deal with the warranty claim for you.' when I've spent less than $3500 over the past 10 years at that shop... But go and drop $60k on a truck and that's what you get... But they don't call them 'stealerships' for nothing... The majority of them, regardless of brand, serve just to bend you over whenever they get the chance. Ultimately, you're on your own, but I think it might be a bit early to throw in the towel and try to get the vehicle bought back or lemon law'ed. I'd just get the radiator issue fixed, then tell the dealer they've lost your business forever (leaving a negative yelp/google/facebook review will do more for you though; if you tell them in person, there's no oversight, so they won't act on anything you state 1-on-1 at this point it sounds like), figure out something else with the lights, and move on. Probably not worth your time continuing to fight them. If you truly want to get out of that vehicle though, then that's your prerogative. But in the end, it might just be easier to live with the bouncing headlights than potentially risk running through all this AGAIN with a different dealer/brand.. (But I admit I've not seen just how bad they bounce)
  8. Just to update: It appears turning the HVAC 100% OFF closes the intake door(s) completely. Sucks to have to turn it off, but I'd rather be too cold for a few moments than have my nostrils assaulted with cig smoke.
  9. Sounds normal. My 18 makes the exact same noise, but I've read it's normal with this truck. Something different with how they build the front ends in these HD trucks I've read. This is the loudest truck I've ever driven in 4WD, but with the stereo going, I don't even hardly notice the noice. 688 miles now and counting on the truck; seems to be getting slightly quieter the more I use it? Could just be my imagination..
  10. 6.0 gas engine

    Been averaging 9.x MPG since I've had the truck. Only 600 miles on it now and I've got a few months to go until the summer when the summer fuel blend, no remote starting, and not running 750 lbs in the bed will help push that # up a bit. Was getting 11-12 MPG with the Tundra I had before this with the same sort of driving. Similar load all the time too. But oh well. Needed the payload capacity of the 2500 and don't want two vehicles for regular use. MPG is not on my list of concerns, to be honest.
  11. Going Led Crazy

    You have changed my life for the better, good sir.
  12. You should have read the thread. Recirc door closes 90% instead of 100% because of excess dust intrusion from a negative pressure inside the cabin. Has absolutely nothing to do with starving the driver of air. It used to close at 100% and then the BCM programming was changed in 2014 after people complained too much of excessive dust intruding into the cab. My 2018 2500HD LTZ does this behavior... It is nothing other than POOR ENGINEERING on GM's part. I'm not even going to bother continue trying to prove this point because I think it's been proven. No other cars being sold today have recirc. functions so poor that it does nothing to block odors like these K2 trucks. Otherwise loving the truck... But **** this is annoying with how many people smoke in my city while driving with their windows open... (Even now in the dead of winter) Don't know why any Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, Kia, or Hyundai don't have this problem, but these K2 trucks do... Poor software engineering? If there's ANY concern of suffocation, then why can't the door close 100% for the first like 10 minutes after the button is pressed, and then open up to 90% after a certain duration. Not often I'm behind the same smelly vehicle for more than 5 minutes anyway. No one is expecting a Tesla-like 'Biohazard Mode' here... Just don't want to smell the smelly diesel or the smoker in front...
  13. Picked up this new 2018 2500HD 4x4 CCLB LTZ with the 6.0 a couple weeks back and am so far enjoying the step up! (Always had half tons before this truck; first HD truck). Pic was taken the first week I had it. Have since added some Husky mud flaps to it as well as some basic essentials like good floor mats and the Husky underseat storage bin. And of course some good winter tires for yanking the sled trailer around up here as well as the Rigid DOT fog light kit. I've got some Iron Cross 'Patriot' running boards on order, but they've been on backorder for about 3 weeks now so I may wind up ordering something else; not sure. I'm thinking the next steps will be the spray-in liner and a Truckboss sled deck with a Bedslide. Or I might just pull the box and go with a custom flatbed. Not totally sure yet. This is my first GM product, so I want to give it a couple months at least before dumping too much $$ into it. I gotta admit your guys' lifted/leveled trucks look SICK. This truck, especially the CCLB looks GREAT with some aggressive tires and a lift or level. But I probably won't go that route since the truck works good for me stock. But I'll always drool a little at some of your all's trucks..

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