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  1. Just the light saying it's engaged is on. I can engage it into 4 Hi and into 4 Low and back to 2WD and the light stays on. Could it be the sensor?
  2. I tried to remove my ABS Module today and didn't have enough clearance for my T-20 socket for the 4 bolts. Does anyone have a suggestion how to accomplish this? Thanks
  3. Tried to remove the ABS module on my 2007 1500 Classic today...didn't have enough clearance to get a torx socket in there. Any ideas on what to use to get this thing out of there? Thanks
  4. Did you ever figure out what was causing this? I've got the same exact problem on my 2007 Silverado. I disconnected the actuator and the light stayed on. Going to check and see if the front drive shaft is turning tomorrow.
  5. I've searched for an answer but can't find one identical to my question...I apologize if I missed it. I've got a 2007 Silverado w/ 4.8L, manual shift for 4WD. My 4x4 light stays on even when I'm in 2WD. I can switch to 4Hi or even 4Lo and back to 2WD and light stays on regardless. What could cause this issue? Thanks in advance.
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