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  1. And another recommendation for Phil. I did the charging module upgrade on my 2017 Denali and now have Qi compatibility for my Iphone X. Took 10 minutes. No kidding. Super simple with a trim tool and the adapter harness.
  2. New RAM Convert

    I think auto-high beams are another excluded option in the heavies. <Scratching head... again!>
  3. Do I have intellibeam

    Hmm, another feature I've lost after having it in the RAM (TPMS is another). I'm disappointed that the luster of the Denali trim is dulled by the exclusion of what I'd have thought are no-brainer options. It's not enough to dissuade from my Sierra 3500 HD as it drives like a dream, but it's definitely a head-scratcher.
  4. New RAM Convert

    Negative on the TPMS. The Owner's Manual shows it as an Info Center item, but TPMS is NOT available for GMs over 10,000 lbs GVWR. The question is why since RAM has no such exclusion. My observation about the steering wheel audio controls is just that they're more useful in the RAM. As for the auto high beams, you're saying that's in there somewhere???
  5. Thanks. My VIN shows no outstanding recalls so I guess they took care of it.
  6. New RAM Convert

    Haha. Yeah, that's what this beast is for... towing! Its mission will be to take our fifth wheel trailer south... very, very south!
  7. New RAM Convert

    Hi all! Just 2 months ago I was excited to take home my first pickup truck - a 2016 RAM 3500 Laramie Longhorn dually. Despite installing upgrades and personalizing it, we ended up trading it just a few days ago and today I drove home in my 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Denali dually.I loved the RAM but its GVWR was 6358 kg versus the Sierra's 5908 kg which makes it in the nanny-state of Ontario too big for certain exemptions I needed for fifth wheel trailer towing without requiring a class A license, CVOR, etc. etc. etc.Took a little hit on the exchange, but not disastrous. But the first thing I noticed was the ride! The RAM drove like a truck. Period! The Sierra drives like an SUV. As my daily vehicle it's a massive difference.Some weird little things that I thought would be in the Sierra, especially being a Denali, that aren't there. Automatic high beams, better media controls on the steering wheel back, a DEF gauge, push-start ignition, and most surprisingly NO TPMS!But there are certainly things GMC has done better than RAM. The bumper step is among the most obvious. But the ride is leaps and bounds better.Overall, I'm a very happy new Duramax owner!Anthony
  8. Do you have any details on that TSB, like the number and/or date?

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