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  1. Why would they do that?
  2. Coming from an '07 5.3 crew cab short box to a '15 5.3 ecotec double-cab short box, I can't say I'm down on power (cause I'm not). The 2007 did not have a v4 mode, but I really don't notice the transition much. I do not indulge my inner speed demon like I once did, but I have no doubt it's a toe tap away.
  3. Best advice I can give is find the holster that works best for you. Everyone is built different or has a unique take one what works best for them. There are some things that are just junk, and junk has a way of getting you killed. Just keep that in mind and the rest will sort itself out.
  4. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    Set to notify. I shall be living vicariously through your wallet. I mean build.
  5. Ok, that is cool. Does it come in GMC?

    Ok, funny story. When I lived in city north of here, I was living in the ghetto. So anyhow, I would drive around and often see a late 80's early 90's? Chevy conversion van with the sticker along the top of the windshield that read "100% CHEVISTA". Now that is brand loyalty. Tell me marketing doesn't work.

    Last Chevy I bought was a 1991 Z71 with a 350. No leather, but had everything else. I think... hell I don't know what everything else was, but pw, pl, tilt wheel, cruise, eq, etc. then a 2007 GMC SLT Z71 and now a 2015 GMC SLT S71. I just like GMC and don't really care if they are the same. This one is mine.
  8. Welp, found some dead spots at the top of the infotainment screen, and fails on recalibration every time. So, off to dealer for a checkup and free wash next week. Good thing I have GM extended powertrain and accessory/electronics-electrical warranty. Now I get to see what it's worth. In the meanwhile, milage seems to be on the uptick, even in the snow and with AWD on. Riding better with proper tire inflation, but still on the fence with the Ranchos. I do about as close to zero off roading as you can imagine, so I don't require an aggressive shock. Don't tow or haul much, but it does happen.
  9. I know it makes a bigger donut which translates to lower rippems and overall better fuel economy, but the guy was nuts cranking them up to 70 piss eyes. Still got crap mileage because the problem was not in the tire. Air, fuel, spark. It wasn't getting #1.
  10. Leaking water? Yikes! Not going to pick on FIAT/Chrysler or the F word or GM here. Wait, yes I am! For the money they get, all of these trucks should be rolling out of Six Sigma certified production facilities with next to 0 defects. However, I think we all know the game that is played. Even the Asians play it. How much can we get for this crap sandwich? Just a matter of which one tastes better.
  11. The reason for electric assist on power steering is to increase efficiency. The less the motor has to do the less fuel it will consume. Replacing humans is just a byproduct. A tasty byproduct. Soylent Green is people
  12. Let's get this party started!!

    KENOSHA, WI here!
  13. Got my 2015 GMC a few weeks ago and every day I try to undo something the previous owner did. Seems he had problems with gas milage, (as did I) but had some odd ideas how to fix it. He had the tires pumped up to 70 psi. Yikes! Refused to change the air filter, which I admit looked fine, but at 50k and $20? Really? So then I guess in some misguided act of frustration, he traded it in. Probably made a salesman happy. So new filter, cleaned mass air flow sensor, cleaned throttle body and tire pressures returned to spec. Sea Foam, new tank of gas and a a 30 mile romp in the county and it went from 11 to 18.3 avg on the trip meter which may or may not mean anything. Oh and I keep washing it, but it keeps snowing.

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