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  1. Damn the tuning adds so much cost to these things right now. Really like the kit and would love to try it. Had a Magnuson on my 2016 Denali that I loved.
  2. Figured I would throw up a picture of my readylift UCA's. Just got them done a about a week ago.
  3. Ordered mine today. Thanks for the part numbers guys! Still want to do something with the GMC logos as well. Going to go with Bronze Fuel wheels so think I am just going to get rid of as much of the chrome as possible.
  4. Yeah its got to be the tuning that is making it so expensive. When I talked to magnuson a month ago they said the tuning was still super high.
  5. I ran a magnacharger on the Denali. Really enjoyed it. Paired with the Corsa racing exhaust though it was one hell of a loud cold start.. Still have it sitting on the floor in my garage all boxed back up as I had the dealership remove it when I traded.
  6. Sorry if that came as a push for Pro-charger since its my first post on here. Been lurking for a while after getting my AT4 a few months ago. Was pretty active on TahoeYukonForum.com but traded in my Yukon for the new truck. The Yukon was supercharged and was pretty bummed that I wasn't going to be able to move it over when I sold it. So waiting patiently for a supercharger option to come out for the AT4.
  7. Supposedly Pro chargers should be out soon. They have a new link on there website but when I emailed them they said they are still working out some "bugs". MSRP will be $8,699 according to the rep.
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