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  1. You might be onto something there about "stomping on the gas".
  2. The grounds that I am familiar with and addressed are on frame under driver's area and one each on back side of heads next to firewall (tight location). I was able to reach and disconnect, clean and tighten. This is where my problem was found. My reduced power made my truck crawl at 5-10 mph at 1000 rpms. It only got better by clearing code until next code being triggered by lose ground. Your problem is probably different but I would definitely check your codes.
  3. Thanks to Ifixedit for his post back in September 2016. I have been looking for the fix to my u0107 code which is lost communication with throttle actuator controller module. Unfortunately, I replaced many parts to no avail. Finally, I checked all grounds and found passenger side head ground loose and dirty. After everything that was done including throttle body, accelerator assembly, pedal to tac harness, tac, throttle body harness pigtail, removing all grounds (wire brush cleaning, dielectric grease and resecuring). The last ground being the one previously mentioned was the main problem found. Thank you Mr. IFIXEDIT for taking time to post your experience and success.
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