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  1. Thanks guys! The load I'm currently experimenting with is: 178 gr Hornady ELD Match Norma brass CCI primer 44 gr of Varget 2.900 OAL Unfortunately, the longest range I can access at the moment is "only" 550 yards - but I'm trying to get special permission to use a nearby military 1000 yard range a couple of times per month (I believe I'm more likely to hit a lottery jackpot than getting access to their range though...). The barrel will be a Lothar Walther. Unfortunately, my order was delayed and won't arrive until sometime next week so I will be using the stock barrel until the new one has arrived. Letting the rifle sit for another week or so is not an option A local gunsmith and long range shooter will be doing the fitting and truing as that is way beyond my knowledge I'm currently using a Timney trigger but have been thinking a while about changing it to a Jewel. What do you guys think? Is it worth the extra bucks upgrading it to a Jewel?
  2. Just completed my latest long range build and can't wait to take it out on the range after work today The mechanism is from a Rem 700 with a match grade barrel in .308. The other components are: XLR Evolution stock Spuhr QDP 4002 scope mount Tier One picatinny rail ASE Utra muzzle brake Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 FFP scope / MSR reticle Magpul 10 rd AICS style magazines Harris bipod w. A.R.M.S QR adapter Timney trigger KRG SV bolt lift
  3. New member from Sweden

    Thanks all!
  4. Here's my babies. Both rifles are own builds
  5. The MR762A1 is an awesome rifle. If I were to buy my first piston operated AR-style platform I would definitely consider the H&K. If you have the bucks to spend I would say go for it!
  6. As already mentioned I also recommend building your own AR. The feeling when putting the first couple of rounds through your finished rifle is VERY satisfying. Just a warning though - it is highly addictive I mean, the excitement when planning your build... ordering the parts... putting them... together... Mmm... I think I have to do some shopping tonight!!!! As for what components to use I would say it's all up to you and the availability in your area. My rifles are a cocktail of parts from Magpul, LaRue, CMC, Spuhr, JP, Oberland, Lothar Walther, etc. Good luck!
  7. Hello all, Just joined this great forum as I am about to purchase my first GMC HD truck. At the moment I spend way too many hours on Autotrader in search of a suitable object, but that's part of the fun when buying a new truck Besides being a sucker for trucks I spend most of my time on the shooting range as I frequently travel all over the world for different matches. Later on this year I will be heading to Texas for some Multigun and USPSA. Looking forward to get to know you all! Seb.

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