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  1. Thanks guys! The load I'm currently experimenting with is: 178 gr Hornady ELD Match Norma brass CCI primer 44 gr of Varget 2.900 OAL Unfortunately, the longest range I can access at the moment is "only" 550 yards - but I'm trying to get special permission to use a nearby military 1000 yard range a couple of times per month (I believe I'm more likely to hit a lottery jackpot than getting access to their range though...). The barrel will be a Lothar Walther. Unfortunately, my order was delayed and won't arrive until sometime next w
  2. Just completed my latest long range build and can't wait to take it out on the range after work today The mechanism is from a Rem 700 with a match grade barrel in .308. The other components are: XLR Evolution stock Spuhr QDP 4002 scope mount Tier One picatinny rail ASE Utra muzzle brake Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 FFP scope / MSR reticle Magpul 10 rd AICS style magazines Harris bipod w. A.R.M.S QR adapter Timney trigger KRG SV bolt lift
  3. The MR762A1 is an awesome rifle. If I were to buy my first piston operated AR-style platform I would definitely consider the H&K. If you have the bucks to spend I would say go for it!
  4. As already mentioned I also recommend building your own AR. The feeling when putting the first couple of rounds through your finished rifle is VERY satisfying. Just a warning though - it is highly addictive I mean, the excitement when planning your build... ordering the parts... putting them... together... Mmm... I think I have to do some shopping tonight!!!! As for what components to use I would say it's all up to you and the availability in your area. My rifles are a cocktail of parts from Magpul, LaRue, CMC, Spuhr, JP, Oberland, Lothar Walther, etc. Good
  5. Hello all, Just joined this great forum as I am about to purchase my first GMC HD truck. At the moment I spend way too many hours on Autotrader in search of a suitable object, but that's part of the fun when buying a new truck Besides being a sucker for trucks I spend most of my time on the shooting range as I frequently travel all over the world for different matches. Later on this year I will be heading to Texas for some Multigun and USPSA. Looking forward to get to know you all! Seb.
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