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  1. 6" vs. 8" BDS Lift Kit

    Part of the reason I was sticking with the stock wheels is to save some money and not to mention I got my tires for $1100 brand new with a Black Friday Deal which was a complete steal. I feel like if I could deal with the smaller 35 on the 8 inch look at least until the tread runs low then I will be fine. I don’t necessarily love the look of a super wide tire but being in Mississippi and Florida in the mud, having that wide tire definitely help a bit. Right now I’m pretty much just weighing the pros and cons. Another con of upping to 37’s would also mean I would most likely want to do a re-gear on my axles right? Or is that not necessary with only 37’s? I have no experience with anything bigger than 35’s
  2. 6" vs. 8" BDS Lift Kit

    Thanks for sharing, really like the setup. What you got going is very close to what I wanted to do. As much as I like the 6", the 8" at the same price also leaves open the possibility to run some 37's down the road with some different rims. Maybe on some Snowflake rims. I like the stock look. Did you get the coil overs in your package?
  3. Hey all, first post here. Looking for some insight from some people that know what they're talking about. Just got a new 2017 LT Z71 Silverado and was looking at the BDS lift kits. My last truck, a 2015 Silverado, had a 7.5 inch Rough Country lift that I put on 35's and 20 inch rims. Quite frankly I was unhappy with the overall drive because while I did beat the crap out of my truck, the highway drive was really uncomfortable. The shop I'm getting my work done at has said that they will install the 6 inch BDS for the same price as the 8 inch BDS because I am getting a bedliner put in as well as some other mods. I planned on sticking my 35 x 12.50 Toyo Open Country MT's on the stock 18 inch rim and putting a small spacer on to avoid the tie road interference. Do you think that a 35 on an 18 with an 8 inch lift will look goofy? Or should I stick with the 6. Any thoughts and insight is greatly appreciated. Again, apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. Thanks again!
  4. I gotcha. So I would need RZY Harness AND Door Harness. Or I could use your plug and play adapter. I see the RZY tutorial but is there a video for just the door harness?
  5. So essentially, to make sure I am correct, If I wanted to go from my current DL8 mirrors to aftermarket Tow Mirrors WITH LED Turn signals, Puddle Lamps, Power Fold, etc. I would have to purchase the RZY harness, install that first, and the mirrors would be plug and play after that, correct? Thanks
  6. First off, great article. Thanks for the help. Question; I have DL8 on my 14' Silverado and would like to make the change to the 1A Auto ones you linked in the video. Do they make ones without the LED's that only come with electronic control and heating? And if not would the ones shown in the video work even though I have DL8? Thanks

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