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  1. 06 Sierra P0101 code

    My 07 Silverado Classic that I purchased recently had that code along with fuel trim lean on both banks and knock sensor codes. Replaced knock sensors and harness and intake gaskets. Also cleaned the MAF sensor. That fixed the knock sensor codes but the fuel trim and maf codes still came back. Replaced MAF sensor and it fixed the remaining 3 codes. I was a technician at a GM dealer for 8 years and that was the first MAF sensor that I ever had to change on a 99-07 truck. Usually cleaning them did the trick. Just my luck I guess. Try cleaning it, if that doesn't work just replace it. I got mine off Amazon for just over $100 CDN.
  2. Newbie from Ontario

    Hey Everyone! New guy to the forum, but not new to GM trucks. Last truck was a 2000 Silverado shortbox 2wd that started its life with a 4.3. I built an LS6 with a pretty hefty cam and some other goodies and dropped it in, kept the 5 speed manual too, it was a really fun truck to drive, turned a lot of heads with that ole girl lol! Due to a bunch of reasons I had to get rid of it a few years ago. Still miss the thing. Now that I'm ready for another truck, and have a family now with a 2 1/2 year old and two dogs I wanted a crew cab. Preferred a 2006 or 2007 Classic Silverado but was open to others. Definitely wanted the 5.3 or 6.0 over a 4.8 for towing my boat. Yesterday I came across a 2007 Silverado Classic crew cab 5.3L, black with just over 200,000km (120,000mi) for a really good price. Exactly what I wanted Needs rocker panels, a hood and some new tires, but other than that the thing is in great shape. Looking forward to doing a few upgrades performance wise. This is my first automatic vehicle so it will be a change for sure. Will definitely miss the left pedal! Anyway just wanted to introduce myself, I am a licenced automotive tech and now working as a marine and powersports tech for the past 5 years so will be happy to help out on here where I can. Shaun

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