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  1. LOL, I know what you mean.. I'd prefer if the Canyon's seats were air adjustable same as the Corvette's... Start the Corvette and the seats pump up to lock the driver and passenger in place... However, that is asking a bit much for a PU.. To be honest I find the Canyon's dead pedal silly.. It's a good truck which is all that counts.. My Silverado was a good truck also. IMO, they are all good... As once warranty is over, I do my own repairs; all I can say is the Canyon has way too many electronic gadgets..
  2. Since the late 1990s, I've been on a variety of forums (cars, drag racing, firearms, shooting, Veterans etc) and an admin at a a few simply because I'm adept with *nix. I'm not asking for your help and apologize if I somehow gave you the impression you help was needed, so enjoy the TV show.
  3. Simply said what CARB wants may be what I want or not. Here are some links, go read them. https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/aftermarket-catalytic-convertors " Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database * (searchable by vehicle information or ARB Executive Order number) NOTE: Windows Internet Explorer (IE) users, encountering database display issues, should check the Compatibility View, in the IE Address Bar. *Alert: Please view Executive Orders that were rescinded or withdraw and the catalytic converters that cannot be installed, sold, offered for sale or advertised." https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermktcat/catrescind.pdf If you can figure it out; let me know because I can't.. My blower is CARB complaint. How about the injectors and all the rest?? None of CARB applies to my vehicles which is all I care about. You live in Ontario, CA. Do you care about what applies here?
  4. Torqstorm Supercharger

    I love to tinker also and so much I bought a copy HP Tunes/ Expensive, yes; however a lot less expensive than a "real" Scan tool. It makes simple things easy to do.. For me, the keeper was easy; one last build and for no other reason than I wanted to build it.. The Corvette is a work in progress project. I might add more.. I'm pretty sure the blower will blow out the original equipment CATS and I'll replace them with metallic CATS. The wife is very understanding.. I had the Volvo dealer load the Pole Star tune on her S-60 T5. I doubt she has ever floored it.
  5. 50 state compliant is really tough and it usually means less at the wheels. From what I've read and I don't know for sure... Metallic CATS are better for emissions than OE (original equipment) ceramics. However, as they aren't OE, they are illegal in California.. I honestly don't know; so, we'd need someone from California to weigh in and explain it..
  6. Torqstorm Supercharger

    I'm over 60 myself.. I love retirement.. I've been racing cars all my life.. I miss the old all motor days.. Back when building and basic tuning could done at home and the spot on at the strip. With the price of gas today.. Boosted is sweet and softer on the MPG wallet.. OTOH, a dyno is required to tune it. The old saying the only free cheese is in a mouse trap. IMO, nothing sounds better than an old fashioned all motor engine.. [email protected] I worked with forced induction systems for 11 years; I'm still under the keep their secrets secret game.. I'm running a Lingenfelter fuel pump which is rated at 17V continuous. The big injectors needed more fuel than than the pump can deliver at car voltage; therefore the boost-a-pump.. https://www.lingenfelter.com/product/L460111410.html That works for new car fuel pumps; not mine. I wouldn't over volt a stock C5 pump.. As a former drag/street racer; leaving HP on the table is a "sin." Even better, where I live emissions inspection isn't required; so I can do whatever I want.
  7. Torqstorm Supercharger

    I didn't mean to offend you. They also add more restriction which limits flow. If someone wants less, change the tune, the A/F ratio etc. I have 2 tunes from the dyno pulls. The one is mid 600s and the other more.. To use the more, I'd have to replace the LS-6 clutch with a dual plate, replace a lot of parts in the transmission and diff. It really isn't worth the $$ to me.
  8. Torqstorm Supercharger

    A bigger diameter pulley slows a centrifugal type blower down and a smaller diameter speeds it up. More blower speed = more boost and more boost = more RWHP. With any crankshaft driven centrifugal kind of blower the larger the diameter, the slower the blower spins. Screw type blowers have a street or strip drive. I used to street race for $$ which I no longer do, period. Although it was fun and the $$ was great. It is crazy stupid on the street as I like keeping my license. At this point in my life, I enjoy building.. More mufflers add more restriction or less power.. I own and drive a high 9 second car and my foot on the right pedal is the control. Why add more mufflers? Why invest all the time, money and dyno time only to limit it?? All my hobbies have torque or recoil.. I was blessed as my 45 years in industry was spent in power train design (engines, transmissions and diffs) and my last 11 in forced induction or turbos or blowers. \\
  9. Torqstorm Supercharger

    When air is compressed it gets hot. Any turbo or supercharger compresses air and hotter air makes less power than cooler air. The reason, colder or cooler air is denser. FYI: http://www.superchargersonline.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=13 Cooler charge air adds more power, comma period. Do you need the extra HP an intercooler provides is another question. Although I worked in the forced induction sector for 11 years; I have no dyno test information that states an intercooler adds X HP over no intercooler. Simply because it was the customer's choice; not my employer's.
  10. Want seriously crazy RWHP, add a blower. GM Authority offers a Mallet screw type which adds 85 at the tires.. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2016/02/mallett-cars-releases-supercharger-kit-for-chevrolet-coloradogmc-canyon-v6/ It is probably emissions compliant; but, I don't know. My guess would be at +85; it is emissions compliant; but again, I don't know.. Aftermarket Centrifugal type kits for the 3.6 add +100 to 150 RWHP. https://rippmods.com/products/chevrolet-colorado-gmc-canyon-supercharger-kit A centrifugal supercharger is the compressor side of a turbocharger. Parasitic losses are about the same as an alternator.. The drive pulley (at the blower) come in various diameters; the smaller the diameter the more power. What the ad doesn't mention is injectors and fuel pump etc. If you live in a smog state; this is a no-no. Most blower kits are similar to what I have on my Corvette https://www.aacorvette.com/c5superchargers.html My Corvette has calibrated 75# injectors, an aftermarket fuel pump, and a Kenne-Bell boost-a-pump which boosts the voltage to the fuel pump. There are a lot of hidden extra cost items. A pressed on dampener (the crank pulley) needs to be swapped for pinned on one. Here is my baby.. What I didn't mention is have a tolerant wife which I have..
  11. Some of those lumps might be aerodynamic more than styling. All the OEMs spend time and money in wind tunnels.. Today, every manufacturer is trying to squeeze as little as a few decimal points in MPG.. As Ford is bringing back the Ranger in MY 2019; there is $$$ in mid-size. OTOH, a bud owns an old F-150 and his new F-150 totally dwarfs it in every direction.. Including MPG. Due to the shape of their sport seats; I'll guarantee you'd hate my Corvette.
  12. As the consumer push leans more towards the Canyon/Colorado than the Sierra/Silverado; or so my salesman said.. My answer was I have a good truck; so I don't need yours. As I mentioned, towing a 29'-06" camper; the Silverado was a need not a want. Now we have a cabin which doesn't tow at all... Today, my towing need is for a fiberglass 18'-3" bass boat with a 150 HP. Probably, an ATV could tow it .1 mile from the boat launch. The only thing I don't miss about my Silverado is parking it. My big criteria for cars or trucks is do I fit. I fit in the Canyon and Corvette; her Volvo S-60 T5 is not so good.. The Pitts miss the Sierra as there was more room between the front and rear seats when they jumped in and up on to the seat.. However, wanna go bye bye still works..
  13. Too Hot for my Liking

    My Silverado had both a transmission cooler and external oil cooler. Even though all it tows is a 18'-3" bass boat, so does my Canyon. Even my Harley has an oil cooler.
  14. Found the source of my rattle

    Drill a small hole in the end of the cracks. It will stop further damage. The way to get more strength from sheet metal is use a large washer to increase contact surface which lowers local area stress. No offense, but frame mounting is better than sheet metal.

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