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  1. Checked everywhere for the sticker and can’t find it I remember test driving it and even the sales man was looking for it so he could show me all the features, guess going through all the process I forgot about it and am now realizing it after finding these little issues . And as for the plug that’s really what I’m hoping it is, I just don’t understand why it looks as sloppy as it does ,y’all can see the picture I posted right ?
  2. Okay so I just ran a CarFax the truck came out clean and shows when it was sold to me as “New” now I’m worried about not having the window sticker and why they sold it to me like, and besides that the dang cable down there that I have no idea what it is .
  3. Yeah we’ll before I bought the truck i was looking at it online and it gives you the option to view the window sticker and that’s what I did, and that why u thought I got a good deal.
  4. No I didn’t do a car fax on it, I saw it online the local dealer was have 10k rebate on the trucks so I went over we talked some numbers and I left thinking I got a good deal then realized there was no sticker .
  5. I have a question I just bought a 2018 Sierra 5.3 I got it with 260 Miles on it, never owned a new vehicle before so it seemed okay (they sold it to me as “New”)with me after taking it home I noticed my driver door wasn’t closing as smooth as it should for a brand new pickup, I saw a video where a guy was sold a “new” truck and it turned out to be a “dealer trade” and also he found out the truck had been wrecked before after finding pieces of glass in the truck , any way I became paranoid after watching this video and thought maybe mine has had a previous accident and the door not closing as smooth as I expect for a brand new pickup is a sign,figured mine had 280 miles on it, the door doesn’t close smooth, there wasn’t a window sticker when I bought the truck and maybe I’m just crazy but I feel like it doesn’t shift so smooth out of the first few gears (it’s an automatic), so naturally became more and more paranoid, so I got under the passenger side where door with the minor problem is and tried my best to find evidence of a previous wreck I saw a cable that was taped with electrical tape which looked fairly sloppy it split with another cable near the transfer case and it led to a connection adapter that was mounted on the chases of the truck and it ended right there at the adapter there was nothing connected to it so I was wondering is that normal? Like could it be there for some added accessories or am I missing something I don’t want to take it to the dealer in fear that they are well aware of an issue and won’t want to help, I already took it because the door not closing as smooth as the rest and they told me it’s a brand new pick up let seals break in and it shouldn’t be an issue, so please help . I’ll add pics to my profile for y’all to see because they’re to big to attach
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