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  1. Considering a 2021 LTZ 4WD Z71 w Technology Package: 1. How much more does it cost to replace a HUD windshield? 2. BORA does not offer their loudest exhaust for the 5.3L, any other options with the Z71 exhaust (under bumper)? Thanks, Rick
  2. $300 @ Glass America for OEE glass and they are coming out to the house. I've done business with them in the past so should work out good. Called Safelite twice and couldn't get anyone to answer, all machines. Thanks for the replies!
  3. I need to replace the windshield on my 2014 Silverado 1500. Will there be any follow-on programming or calibration required by the dealer? Thanks, Rick
  4. Anyone have images that show the difference between the 4.2 inch and 8 inch Digital Information Centers? Trying to decide on a 2020 LTZ, one has the 4.2 and one has the 8 but not sure what they look like. Thanks
  5. Well everything was going great until I upgraded my iPhone. Now MyLink can't find my new iPhone XS Max thru the USB connection, works fine via bluetooth but I much prefer USB. Anyone else having this problem, how did you solve? My truck is a 2014 Silverado, I upgraded the console using Phil's cables, they worked great with iPhone 7. Thanks, Rick
  6. Anyone interested in a black leather lid with red stitching and wireless charging pad? It's a new take off from a 2015 console (23359405), I swapped it for a non-charging white stitch. Will let go for $199 plus shipping, lower 48 only. Thanks Rick
  7. Here's what I ordered from General Motors Parts Online; however, in hindsight I did NOT need and do not recommend purchase of any bolts, the front bracket or the lamp switch...positively not needed and I returned those parts. This console was black with the grey/silver trim with "red" stitching. Be sure you pick a VIN that will drive the right color leather "and" stitching. Finally, recommend all 3 USB cables, I had to interchange from the HMI options to get full capability with iPhone, I was glad I had all 3. Very happy with General Motors Parts Online, price and definitely customer service
  8. Does anyone know how to take the lid (armrest) off without removing the console? I received a 2015 console with an charging lid but the stitching was red and should have been white. GM Parts Online willing to exchange but I can't figure out how to remove the lid without taking out the console? I found the 4 screws in the rear cubby and removed the 2 bolts/6 screws inside the console storage area but nothing after that. Thanks, Rick
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