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  1. led reverse lights, how bright?

    I have these in my reverse lamps as well as my rear cargo lamp. Work Great have had them in for about two years very bright
  2. aftermarket tow mirrors

    That is correct I found that I was able to use the gasser mirrors with no temp sensor due to my original mirrors not having them. I’m having no issues related to that. Almost 100% thanks to Phil and all his help!
  3. I have some follow up to this. I used the harnesses I received from Phil along with the factory rzy harness and the powerfold switch. I have all functions expect power fold on the passenger side. No check engine light from no air ambient sensor only thing I can’t get to work is passenger side fold
  4. aftermarket tow mirrors

    I get what your saying but those people that had those issues all had the sensor to begin with. Also others with the old style camper mirrors have changed mirrors with no check engine and have not had to add the sensor. What I’m getting at is if I didn’t have one before why do I need one now?
  5. aftermarket tow mirrors

    So you installed the mirrors without the sensor on your early 15 truck and it threw a check engine light due to the temp sensor not being there? Are you speaking from experience?
  6. aftermarket tow mirrors

    Did your build still require the temp sensor in the passenger mirror? i have a early 15 ltz diesel with memory seat and old style camper mirrors as well. However my new mirrors are off of a gas truck and lacks the passenger side temp sensor. i was just wondering if it was really needed being I don't believe my stocks had it to begin with.. I have the rzy as well as Phils harnesses. Hoping to start install after next week when my vacation starts. happy to hear he has my only concern figured out should it become an issue!
  7. I Have a early 2015 ltz 2500hd diesel but do not have the ambient temp sensor in my tow mirror as they are the old style factory tow mirrors and I believe the early 15 HDs did not have one in the mirror unless high country. My question is will I need to purchase the diesel powerfold tow mirror for the passenger side that has the sensor? The set I currently have is off a high county gas truck and has the power fold option and id really like to use them but it does not have the sensor.
  8. Just want to say thanks for having me. I joined to find more info on adapting tow mirrors and have seen so much more!

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