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  1. From the research I done I am finding that out, thanks for the reply. I put in a MIT and super 40 muffler, I'll do the high flow cats so my engine will be breathing good in and out and do a tow tune for it and call it a day. Those won't make a big difference but should help. Make it breath good and tweak the parameters a bit.
  2. Actually yes, I wasnt sure if it is in reference to the shifter or internally...some trannys actually have more shift points internally than you see at the shifter...correct?
  3. One more question, when it comes to the tranny, how do you tell if you have a 4 or 6 speed? Thanks.
  4. Is that what I have in there now, 3.73? I shouldn't be struggling that much then...wonder if I am losing power through the cats then...thanks for the info...i really appreciate it...
  5. I bought a 2003 1500 Silverado LS with a 4.8L. I put on a 2" leveling kit with a 1.5: body lift and put on 33" tires. I believe the current gearing is 3.42 but need to confirm. I tow a 17' with a sxs and quad that is around 3000 lbs. The truck really struggles on hills...even long hills with no tow it doesn't have as much power as I think it should have. I have been debating on changing the gears, but think it is possible it might be the cats starting to clog... The truck is rated for 8100 lbs tow and I am only towing 3000 lbs. Does this sound like a cat issue or does this gearing setup off? Thanks.
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