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  1. Tire/Level Suggestions?

    I have a 2014 Silverado 5.3 with 3.08 gears. I went with a 2.5 inch Rough Country leveling kit. Make sure and get an alignment done after the install. The ride is still good and not much loss in mileage. I have 275 70 18 BFG KO tires, had them on my previous truck too and are great the in snow. The heavier aftermarket tires with the 3.08 gears made the stock transmission shifting even worse. I went with a tune from Black Bear Performance to correct the speedometer, shut off afm and fix the lazy stock shifting. With the tune the truck is much more fun to drive and shifts like it should. I would look at Bilstein 5100 shocks too, a lot of good reviews on them.
  2. Best Undercoating?

    I noticed that these trucks also have a sound deadening material that absorbs salt and moisture at the bottom of the front fender. It's the area between where the front mud flap and front door seam would be. You can see it if you open your door and look in the seam where your hinge is near the bottom. I removed the mud flap and front wheel liner to access this spot and removed the sound deadening material. The material was soaking wet and could have made that area rust out. I now keep the area soaked with Krown spray.
  3. I also went with the Ionic running boards of Amazon. They look good and have kept my paint from getting more rock chips. The steps are aluminum so no rusting but I did coat the metal mounting brackets with rustoleum paint. I did about four coats to help keep them from rusting, we have a lot of salt on the roads in NNY. I would also never seize the bolts, may help you down the road if you have to remove them.
  4. Best Undercoating?

    Also this past winter I have tried Salt-Away concentrate in a pressure washer reservoir to rinse off plow and trailer. Seems to do a good job at removing the salt. I will use it on my truck undercarriage this spring if this winter ever ends.
  5. Best Undercoating?

    I like to keep my trucks for many years too. I have had Krown undercoating done in Upstate NY the last two years and I am very happy with it so far. During the winter I will rinse the undercarriage a few times but no pressure washing. Spring time I use a sprinkler to wash the undercarriage and rinse out the frame. Then touch up areas with an aerosol can of Krown. So far my frame looks better than other trucks in my area.
  6. I just completed an in-person tune with Justin from Black Bear Performance on my 2014 db cab 5.3 with 3.08 gears and 33 inch tires. It was 100 percent worth the 6 hour drive and cost of the tune. I had tuned an old 5.4 Ford with a handheld tuner and told myself I would never use a tuner on a gas truck again. After hearing all the recommendations from this site I gave BBP a try. I had the AFM shut off and speedometer calibrated for the larger tires. But the transmission tune is unbelievable. The truck now shifts perfect and feels lighter. A guy on this forum said it best that his gas pedal and transmission were finally working together. It used to lug around corners and hunt for gears. Now I actually enjoy driving the truck and make excuses to go to town. I would recommend BBP to anyone looking to increase their trucks performance or just make it more drivable. It should have been the first modification to the truck.

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