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  1. Bumpershellz

    Here are the pics. Also installed the rear bumper as well. Great product.
  2. Bumpershellz

    Yes I will definitely do that. Now I need to find some gloss black lug nuts.
  3. Bumpershellz

    No not spamming. Its not vinyl I believe its ABS plastic.
  4. Bumpershellz

    Greetings all. New member here from the Chicago area. Just wanted everyone to know about my experience and fix. Had a dent in my chromed front bumper and wanted it to look like new again in addition to changing the color without the hassle of replacing the whole bumper. Searched the internet and came across Bumpershellz. Its a cover that snaps over your existing bumper. My review: Excellent fit (tight and perfect form with no gaps) Excellent color match Very easy to install Excellent customer service I will post pics as soon as I get my truck washed. I would HIGHLY recommend this product if you are looking to cover damaged bumpers or just wanting to change the look of your truck without the pain of replacing the bumper. Just ordered a set for the rear bumper today!

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