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  1. Did you end up with 4” kit for your truck? How did it turn out?
  2. Hey guys, I ended up lift the back 1” and I love it. I filmed a short video for those of you that would find it helpful! Couple updated photos too. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the comments! I knew the wheels would look amazing...but I have seen very few on our trucks so to see the final product made me very happy. I feel like they should have come this way, at least the denali version. First off, yes...if I needed an inch I'd be replacing the block. Second comment, the ride is taking a bit to get use to. It feels heavier and more of a "truck". I have the 6.2 so I don't feel like it's slowed me down any, it just feels "bigger" is the best was to describe it. Not in a bad way, but it just feels different. I didn't know that about the speed rating...interesting. I've been up to 80 mph and it was smooth as glass so I think it's fine. Regarding the costs, I haggled discount tire down to $399 a tire. I committed to buying the road hazard certs to get that price then at checkout I asked if I could come back in 30 days to add it. They let me do it. Since I outsourced the lift labor Tuesday was a very $$$ day. I prob will go back for the certs but just couldn't bite it off at check out. That said, use that intel for your benefit as you wish. I hope that helps.
  4. Thanks guys, I've decided to fight my desire for tone and leave it stock. With little kids and work calls, it's just not worth it right now. I bought the OEM 6.2 dual wall tip on ebay for like $47 shipped and it looks so much better. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Jumping in on this party. I got my truck all setup yesterday and I can't wait for lunch so I can go see it again. Truck: 2018 GMC Sierra All Terrain SLT 6.2L Suspension: Motofab 2.5" + Ready Lift Control Arms Wheels: OEM Yukon Denali 22x9 w/my All Terrain GMC caps Tires: 285/55r22 Ridge Grapplers, block pattern out My Feedback after having it one day. The Terra Grapplers won't rub as much, but if you go Ridge Grapplers the sidewall tread hits the front valance and some liner when turning and going into an incline (like a driveway). Nothing crazy, all my lowered cars always rubbed, so this is totally worth the visual look. FYI I've zip tied up the front and back liners, and trimmed the lower inside liner where necessary and it rubs a bit. Lastly, the offroad shop advised me to not start with the 1" lift in the back as these trucks all have varied heights in the rear, they encouraged me to start with just the front then assess if the rear was needed. I was convinced after reading all these threads that 1" in the back was the way to go and I still feel that way. I'm going to keep looking at it over the next few days but I'm 85% sure I'll be adding 1" to the rear. It's PERFECTLY level right now but the front is so meaty that to the eye the front looks taller. Either way...first world problems. The truck is amaze balls now. I'm pretty pumped.
  6. ITEM PRICE: $1,500 ITEM LOCATION FOR PICK UP: Dallas Texas NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: If you cover the cost, I'm happy to make sure they are to the shipping provider and protected. USHIP.com quotes will be $100-250 depending on where you live. CONTACT INFO: Text message is best (anytime) 512-944-0307 I'm selling my Full Set of Factory OEM Chevrolet wheels pulled off a 2016 Tahoe LTZ. The tires are Nitto Terra Grappler G2 size 305/45r22 and have 50% tread left. I had to pull the Tire Pressure sensors out for a new set so they do not have them inside the tire. I have both GMC or Chevrolet caps. Buyer's choice of either option. Please let me know if you have any questions, will not last long at this price. Details on wheels Below: 22" 22in 04-17 NEW Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe Suburban OEM WHEELS SET 4 5696 22" 22in 04-17 NEW Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe Suburban OEM WHEELS SET 4 5696 Quantity: 4 Color: Hyper Silver Manufacturer Part Number: 22905550, 22912545 Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 Brand: Chevrolet Wheel Cap: NOTE that the cap has a chrome bowtie Interchange Part Number: 560-5696, ALY5696, WAO.5696 Hub Bore: 78.1 Number of Bolts: 6 Type: Genuine OEM Rim Width: 9
  7. Ok, need some opinions, advice, ideally some experience. I've been through many many mufflers ranging from "Wake the kids across the house when you start your truck in the morning" to "is that a stock muffler I just spent $150 on?". I now have my first new truck ever, a 2018 GMC sierra 1500 crew cab all terrain with the 6.2. I love the truck and I'm looking to do a custom exhaust only because of the look and not the sound (maybe 75/20 because this truck has no tone at all). You get the idea...I want it quiet. The exhaust I want to build is a side exit, dual tip, before the right rear tire. I don't like the look of the Gibson setup and I'm concerned it would be way too loud anyways. I have a couple questions and would love thoughts and opinions. 1. How far forward can I go with a muffler without issues? If I do the corsa twin tip I'm going to need a lot of space due to the design of that particular tip (which I like a lot). Does moving the muffler towards the front effect sound at all? 2. If I want zero interior drone, what do you think about a big 22" magnaflow and right next to it weld in the factory rear resonator? That thing is straight through and if I had the room under there to do the pipework needed for the side exit, I would think that the combo could provide a little more V8 tone but tame it down considerably. I assume most of you will hate this idea but could it accomplish what I'm after? Thanks,
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